2020年7月16日 星期四

No chance to eat Beitou market-Ai Zai Cai braised pork on rice, super hot queue food

When I arrived in Beitou, I thought of the Ai Zai Cai braised pork on rice. I read the news and article introduction several times, and kept the location of it in Google Maps. When I think of going to Beitou, I will try it. After all, I am very Lazy to go for it, not because my impulse for food is reduced, but if I find it rare to go to Beitou, I should arrange a day trip or something, so I dragged and waited until this time The opportunity for family members to travel together.

When my family asked me what I wanted to eat, I was the first to say that I was going to eat the Ai Zai Cai braised pork on rice. I also introduced its reputation and experience, but it was also because I went to the Beitou market for the first time. It took a long time to find it, but I still asked the way to find it. In fact, I found it in a circle around the first floor to see where some people lined up. (It's very difficult to park here, finding parking spaces is really troublesome)

On the second floor of the Beitou market, there are no big signboards, and the signboards show historical traces. The most obvious is the flow of people. It is not easy to pass through the crowds. When the seats are not free, someone walks. Someone sat down immediately.

2020年7月15日 星期三


到了北投就想到了矮仔財滷肉飯,新聞與文章介紹看了好幾次,一直都把它的位置存在了Google Maps裡面,想著哪一天去北投,就去試試看,畢竟我很懶的為了它而跑去一趟,不是我對美食的衝動減少了,而是我覺得難得去北投的話,就該安排個一日遊之類的,因此也就拖著拖著等到了這次家人一起出行的機會。



2020年7月14日 星期二

The grocery store in the past is equal to the current convenience store. Good memories of childhood!

I don’t know when the grocery store appeared. Its disappearance was when the convenience store became popular. Do you say that the convenience store is not good now? That's impossible. Convenience stores are almost omnipotent. Almost everything can be done inside. Eating and drinking, simple household supplies, or paying fees, cafe functions, there is no one that convenience stores do not have. .

But these are the functions that the grocery store does not have, so it was slowly eliminated. It can’t keep up with the current trend. Everyone hopes to solve most of the problems in one place, but as long as they have passed the age of the grocery store, You should never forget the memories of the grocery store, especially the childhood memories.

2020年7月13日 星期一




2020年7月12日 星期日

Beitou Guizikeng Soil and Water Conservation Education Park,There are Hiking trail and camping areas.

I am very new to Guizikeng, and it is also fate to be here. The original goal was Ki-Pataw Shan-Tseng-Chi Park. Later I was curious where the road going to the mountain was. I asked the local residents and just finished at Ki-Pataw Shan-Tseng-Chi Park. You can reach Guizikeng Soil and Water Conservation Education Park in less than 5 minutes by car.
When I see this name, I feel like it will be a bit boring. It feels like a place that will be pulled to visit when I was a student, telling you how to protect the environment, but when you come, just go walking.

Everyone knows that walking up this ladder is another world!

2020年7月11日 星期六




2020年7月10日 星期五

Beitou Attractions | Ki-Pataw Shan-Tseng-Chi Park-Taiwan version of Furano Wildflower Sea, flowering period until the end of February

With the emergence of new attractions in Beitou, I finally have reason to persuade myself to go to Beitou. Otherwise, it has been a long time since the last visit to Beitou. The most famous in Beitou is hot springs, and it is still in Taipei. It sounds very good, but really lazy to go to Beitou, although they are all in Taipei, in fact, the time it takes to get there is not short, if there is not something particularly attractive, really Won't go there.

The  Ki-Pataw Shan-Tseng-Chi Park completed in 2019 is a newly created park. This location is on the edge of Beitou and is still some distance away from the urban area. Going up is the Guizikeng Water and Soil Conservation Teaching Park. In order to let the public know the  Ki-Pataw Shan-Tseng-Chi Park and revitalize the area, more than 90,000 pots of colorful flowers and plants were used to imitate the sea of rich wildflowers to create the landscape of the three-tiered city of Beitou. Flowering period to the end of February every year!Source: Yangmingshan Park Management Office

Ki-Pataw Shan-Tseng-Chi Park