2020年5月30日 星期六

Mobile phone carriers used in the US: AT&T, T-Mobile

There were originally four major telecommunications companies in the United States: AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint

AT & T and Verizon are the top two telecom providers, T-Mobile is the third, and finally Sprint. This should be a headache for people who have just gone to the United States to study or travel. Which service should they use? How are they different? Which one has the better signal? Which one is cheaper?

The United States is now the three major telecommunications companies: AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile (T-Mobile acquired Sprint in April 2020)

Will this news have any effect? Personally, I think it is okay for users. The reason is that most of the telecommunications companies that go to the United States usually use two, namely AT & T and T-Mobile. Why do they use these two?

It is related to the frequency it can support. The frequencies of AT & T and T-Mobile are more suitable for the mobile phones brought by Taiwan. The detailed supported frequencies can be queried on the Internet, and then the appropriate telecommunications provider can be selected. Not to go to their store to buy their mobile phone matching service, it is not suitable for people who bring their phones to the United States.

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2020年5月28日 星期四

Food in Taipei,Songshan-Hong she si fang cai-Chinese cuisine, suitable for multi-person

Hong she si fang cai located near Nanjing Fuxing MRT,
Its name surrounds me for a long time,
It has been more than a year,
Thanks to my dad,
Once he went there for dinner with colleagues.

Later, as long as we look for a restaurant to eat,
He will mention the Hong she si fang cai,
Not that the time is not right,
Too far from the current location,
Just did n’t make a reservation,
Under many factors.

We are 200 meters away from Hong she si fang cai,
Holding a luck mentality,
We booked a table.

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2020年5月26日 星期二

I used to need a night light to fall asleep.

Night is the time to sleep. It is dark compared to daytime. There is no light, no fingers can be reached, and eyes are open or closed. Even though the eyes will gradually adapt, it is still dark, without a little light.

From when I started sleeping in a room alone, which is elementary school, let me go to bed, all the lights are off, it brings me a sense of anxiety, looking up at the ceiling, hiding under the quilt, it is impossible To weaken my fear of darkness, especially my head will unconsciously fantasize, where is this? Where am I? Why is it so dark?

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2020年5月24日 星期日

Anxiety and fear caused by darkness

Darkness is unknown, uncertain, and I do n’t know what will happen. I do n’t have any feelings for darkness. This lasts for a long time. I ca n’t walk into a place without lights, even in a relatively familiar environment, as long as I won't step in without lights, I always feel like I don't know what unknown things are waiting for me.

When I came to the recall journey, in the process of asking myself, I thought of a possibility that is what caused me to be so afraid of the dark. This story will start when I was a child.

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2020年5月22日 星期五

The bad memory from motorcycle are car accidents.

All means of transportation have its convenience and meaning of existence. It is not wrong in itself. It is to make people have a more convenient life and effectively reduce the journey time. Evolution, in addition to mechanical problems, the general situation is artificial, not about errors in transportation, at least I think so.

Locomotive is a very important means of transportation in Taiwan. Compared with other developed countries, we really have enough locomotives, even in Taipei, which is convenient. On short journeys, it has advantages that cannot be ignored The travel cost and maneuverability of price advantage are all means of transportation that people will want. It must be cooler than bicycles, at least I thought so before.

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2020年5月20日 星期三

Trading significance of second-hand goods

Everyone likes to use new things. As long as it is a daily necessity, you can buy new ones instead of old ones, especially in Asia. Many people find it a little embarrassing to use second-hand goods, or problems with second-hand goods. There will be more, and I do n’t want to add my own troubles. These reasons are actually very reasonable. After all, everyone does n’t want to go wrong after buying something, even if the price is cheap.

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2020年5月18日 星期一

Food in Taipei,Nangang Dis,COLD STONE Creamery-Building C, Nangang Station

COLD STONE is the designated ice cream of our boss,
I eat it almost every time I see COLD STONE,
Does this seem to be a person who 
usually controls not to eat cold food?

It used to be easy to see COLD STONE in department stores,
Now there is a decreasing trend, 
the relationship between health awareness?

Therefore, there is an obvious location 
on the second floor of City Link, Nangang Station,
Occasionally when family members come to eat together,
Always take a glance unconsciously,
The next second I heard them discussing.
Are you going to eat cold stone after you finish your meal?

2020年5月17日 星期日

食|台北【南港區】COLD STONE 酷聖石冰淇淋,南港車站C棟

COLD STONE是我家老大指定冰淇淋,
幾乎每次有看到COLD STONE都會吃,

以前百貨公司裡面都很容易看到COLD STONE,

因此南港車站City link 二樓一個明顯的位置,
吃完飯是不是要來吃COLD STONE了。


2020年5月16日 星期六

Food in Taipei,Nangang District,Thai Town Cuisine Nangang Railway Station Store-Famous Chain Brand

There is a Thai restaurant in Taiwan,
I have heard its name even if I haven’t eaten it,
It ’s  Thai Town cuisine,
When you want to eat Thai food,
The first thing I thought of was Thai Town,
Then there are other restaurants.

I ca n’t count how many times I’ve eaten,
I was impressed by the good service,
The speed of serving is good,
  Meals are maintained at a certain level.

This time I will eat Thai Town at Building C of Nangang Railway Station!
How many bowls of rice can I eat this time?

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2020年5月14日 星期四

Food in Taipei,Xinyi District,Vegetarian Pan-fried Stuffed Bun-Fude Traditional Market

This is a Shuijianbao store full of memories,
It only sells in the morning,
Open according to the hours of the traditional market of Fude,
It was originally only Vegetarian Pan-fried Stuffed Bun,
Later, selling vegetarian pot stickers dumplings 
and vegetarian vermicelli.

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2020年5月12日 星期二

Dream tormented myself every night!

How beautiful the dreams are during the day. Just dreaming of daydreams will be laughed out. In fact, it may not be realized, but at least it meets the psychological expectation, maybe it becomes true! Is it true that no one will refuse to daydream occasionally.

Dreaming about another time, sleeping at night, it ’s not so beautiful. Unless it ’s Spring Dream, that ’s another thing. This is a welfare that every boy wants, but unfortunately, even if it ’s a spring dream or a good dream. I can't remember the content. When I got up, I just felt like I was in a good mood.

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2020年5月10日 星期日

My days of insomnia!

From not knowing what is insomnia, to really insomnia, as if it happened in the blink of an eye, I was insomnia without psychological preparation, of course, this is also unprepared, I was caught by surprise, just because I think While needing a good night's sleep, it appeared silently

The body is very tired, the psychology tells me that it is time to go to bed, looking at the ceiling in the bed, everything is natural, the rest is to fall asleep, this step is very good and perfect, after 3 minutes, I flipped the body, and Not asleep, it's normal, and it happens occasionally. Don't be too nervous. Continue to wait for sleep. After 5 minutes, I still don't feel anything. After another 10 minutes, I'm a little puzzled. Why haven't I fallen asleep? Feel tired and want to sleep, start counting numbers or counting sheep, the more you find that the more you can't sleep, which part has a problem? Is n’t it possible to fall asleep by counting, it seems to be a rumor again!

Soon it was 30 minutes. I was tossing and turning on the bed all over the bed, trying to sleep on my back, trying to sleep on my stomach, trying to sleep on my right side, then trying to sleep on my left side, and finally reverting to sleeping on my back, looking at the ceiling Tell me that this is insomnia, and I have such a day.

Went up to find a book, using the hypnosis method that everyone recognizes as useful. I did n’t expect that reading at this time would be useless. This is too unreasonable. It usually works. I have to use the mobile phone to watch the news online. Looking at the information and making myself more tired, I glanced at the time. I didn't expect that after an hour, I thought I was wrong, so I should lie back on the bed again.

Thinking about emptying my head and not thinking about my insomnia, I really did not want to suffer from insomnia, but other things suddenly appeared in my mind, and the bad memories that should have been forgotten came to my mind. To comfort myself that this is over, stop thinking about bad memories, and change one event after another, where is the end? When can I stop, can't stop my thoughts, and go to the pessimistic place, this time I want someone to beat myself to coma, do you not think of these things?

In the end, it ’s not clear how I fell asleep. The only vague guess is that I fell asleep after 2-3 hours. In the morning, I only feel more tired and my mood is low. I can comfort myself. Maybe it ’s just such a day! As a result, this state lasted for more than 2 weeks.

Now occasionally there will be days when I can't fall asleep suddenly, psychological factors, stress?

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2020年5月8日 星期五

Life | Xiaobao Growth Diary EP.8-The whole body is muddy

An experience that pets in the city have never experienced,
Although there are many large parks or riverside parks,
You can let the dogs run around and have fun,
But there are always restrictions.

It ’s not like the freedom of a dog raised in the country,
Just worry about whether it will be lost.

In the city, I have to worry about bathing my dog,
It ’s usually washed only once in a while,
So I try not to get dirty when I go for a walk,
Just go home and wipe your feet.

I can imagine a Labrador
In the fields in the countryside,
Running around, this grass eats, the food eats there,
Roll here, roll there,
Does the whole body become black like charcoal?

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2020年5月6日 星期三

Why do I watch Korean variety shows?

It ’s not that I do n’t want to support Taiwan variety shows, but I really ca n’t support it. This is a sad feeling. I believe some people have the same feeling. That ’s why I would rather watch foreign variety shows, just do n’t watch Taiwan variety shows, or just everything. dont see.

And Taiwan TV said that the most reason for not being able to invest in program funds is nothing more than a bad environment and changes in marketing advertising habits. I believe this is not a problem unique to the Taiwan market. It is a problem that most countries will encounter. After all, times are Change, technology is advancing. Even so, why can other countries' television stations do it, but Taiwan cannot? This issue will not be discussed for the time being.

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2020年5月4日 星期一

Why not watch Taiwan's variety show?

Recently, I was still impressed by the Taiwan cooking show of the Taiwan variety show, but I have n’t seen it for a few years.And Kangxi lai le, which has been out of broadcasting for many years. The others don’t have much memory, and they are about to forget The existence of TV is a bit ridiculous. It doesn't even have a sense of existence on the TV programs in your own location.

There are many reasons for the decline of TV programs, but that is not what we are going to discuss. After all, in the Internet era, too much information comes from the Internet, and many TV programs are also on the Internet. Attractive to the audience? This has a lot to do with the quality of the variety shows in Taiwan.

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2020年5月2日 星期六

After watching the Korean variety show Handsome Tigers

I want to say that I have n’t watched a variety show for a long time. When I rummaged around, I was attracted by the name of Handsome Tigers. I was curious about what a new variety show was. Let ’s first understand the main theme of the program, what is the concept of a program, and Google Has anyone at the Handsome Tigers shared their feelings? In addition to Wikipedia, there is basically no introduction. I thought that although this is a new show, it is too upset. There is no information to refer to. mine.

Introduction from Wikipedia

"Handsome Tigers" (Korean: 핸섬 타이거즈) is a variety show launched by South Korean SBS television station in 2020, starring Xu Zhanghui, Li Xianglun, Che Yinyou, Liu Shanhao, Joy and others. The show is centered on the "Korean Basketball Legend" Xu Zhanghui, and gathers basketball hobbyists from various fields to form entertainer basketball team games. The recording location is the indoor basketball court of Kyung Hee University International Campus (formerly Suwon Campus).

Handsome Tigers. (2020, March 28). Retrieved from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Handsome_Tigers&oldid=58839281

2020年5月1日 星期五

觀看完韓國綜藝Handsome Tigers的感想

想說很久沒看綜藝節目,隨便翻找的時候,被Handsome Tigers的名字所吸引,在好奇是什麼新鮮綜藝節目的驅使下,先了解節目內容主旨,是什麼概念的一個節目性質,還Google搜索Handsome Tigers有沒有其他人分享過感想,結果除了維基百科,基本上沒有任何的介紹,心想這個雖然是新節目,但也太冷門了吧,都沒有什麼資料可以參考,看來要自己去踩雷。


Handsome Tigers》(韓語:핸섬타이거즈),為韓國SBS電視台於2020年推出的綜藝節目,由徐章煇李相侖車銀優柳善皓Joy等人共同出演。節目主要以「韓國籃球傳奇」徐章煇為中心,集合各領域愛好籃球的藝人,組成藝人籃球團隊比賽。錄製的地點為慶熙大學國際校區(原水原校區)室內籃球場。

Handsome Tigers. (2020, March 28). Retrieved from 维基百科, 自由的百科全书: https://zh.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Handsome_Tigers&oldid=58839281