Chinese New Year's Eve Series,New Year's Eve-Morning to worship ancestors and enshrined gods-evening reunion dinner

New Year's Eve

Generally, I would like to say that New Year’s Eve does not get together for dinner at night, adults send red envelopes.
The children set off firecrackers and stayed up until 12 o'clock in the night.....
But from the morning, a series of things started to move,It’s about 7 o'clock to get up (I used to get up earlier, now it’s slightly delayed)After breakfast, go up to the place where the god table is placed upstairs, including the ancestral tablets and the long-term offerings.
What are you doing? ! New Year’s Eve, of course, can’t just clean the house or we wear new clothes.

I also need to help the ancestors and the gods clean up and clean the environment. This is the only day of the year.When you move to them, other time is not awkward, unless you have special things, you must first ask them for permission.
Most of the people who do this cleaning are boys, which is also the habit of traditional tradition.
After finishing it, worship it, and prepare chicken, duck, biscuits, fruit, cakes, etc., and give a good sign for the new year.
(Forgot to take photos)
The whole end is also close to noon. After a lunch, I have to prepare to go to the grandmother in the afternoon (good for me when I was young)By the way, stroll around, and when you get home, you have to start preparing dinner.It’s the legendary reunion dinner....Occasionally I go out to eat, but the most is still at home.

The amount and type of food that has been reduced since the beginning of the past two years has also decreased, and there is no big fish like a big table before.
Basically, several dishes that represent meaning appear on the table. After all, it’s not like the past Chinese New Year.In order to eat a big meal, the main reason is that people from all over the family can gather at a table to have a meal.

The Hakka stir-fry that is indispensable on the Hakka’s table is a must.

This fish is really expensive now.

Commonly known as long-term vegetables.Eat this can alive longer

Dried bamboo shoots are also essential

In fact, if you look closely at these materials, many of them have things to use by worship.

Make the best use of it, Hakka! ! !


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