Houshanpi,Taipei-Beiping WeiFuLou Restaurant | Meat with pickled cabbage hot pot in the winter

Beiping WeiFuLou | Meat with pickled cabbage hot pot

That's the smoke

The cold current hit, the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor

It’s just good to eat a hot pot.

Still thinking about what I want to eat

I don’t want to run too far, it’s raining outside.

That is to come to Weifulou restaurant.

It has been in business for many years and it is my hourly memory.

It’s super happy to be here.

Of course, now because you can choose many restaurants

Many have not  tried yet.

Unknowingly forgetting its existence

I think it’s winter, then I will come to a pot.

[Meat with pickled cabbage hot pot]

This is a small pot, using a traditional copper stove to burn charcoal

So pay attention to indoor ventilation, otherwise it is easy to be dangerous.

Fortunately, three people of us just ordered a small pot.

With other dishes

I almost can't finish it.

A lot of pickled cabbage underneath, need to go down

In the impression, the price has increased a lot more than before.

Meat is not placed inside, but let yourself put it

In the early days, they were all placed in the pot.

A bit of fat meat is served with pickled cabbage.

Every time you come, it’s not a scallion pancake or Chinese Burrito .

This time, the scallion pancake waiter didn't get it (well, I can't eat it)

The amount of burritos is not as much as in the past.

I ate a little dry this time.

Use soup to eat moist spots

→Three cups of squid ←

The taste is very good, the ginger and garlic are really a lot of

Beiping has no three cups.

Eat more vegetables, good health.....haha

Their business is really getting wider and wider

Originally, they sold Vietnamese French bread before the right door.

Some guests will come in and order a roast meat to take it away or eat it here.

Effective use of space is not a problem

However, it is really a bit off with the original spindle Beiping.


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