Travel in New Taipei,Ruifang,Jiufen Night View-Amei Tea House

Jiufen-a well-known attraction in Taiwan
Not far from downtown Taipei,
Depending on the mode of transportation,
It's a great place for day trips,
From a tourism perspective.

Most foreign tourists coming to Taiwan,
Anyone who has done travel homework will know him,
Whether to go or not,
Especially Japanese and Korean tourists are few and far between.
On the one hand, it is receiving tourism promotion,
Recommendations are often seen on travel books or news,
On the other hand, 
it is a reference for Korean drama framing and Japanese animation.
(If i remember correctly).

Jiufen is on the mountain,
Coupled with the influx of people, traffic jams often occur,
This is one of the reasons why I never want to go later,
The strong commercial atmosphere also deterred me.

Of course, there are other attractions near Jiufen,
Jinguashi, Golden Museum, Golden Waterfall, Yin Yang sea,
You can walk around if time permits.

After coming with my family many years ago,
Only because of foreign friends, I had the opportunity to visit Jiufen again,
Otherwise it is impossible for me to come by myself,
Every time I come, it ’s daylight,
Never stayed till night,
Why is that?

Because this old street says it won't grow long,
It ’s almost an hour.
At best, sit down and eat foods like local taro balls.
Look at the sea and mountains in the distance,
I really don't know what else to do.

You need to see the weather to see the scenery,
If the weather is bad that day, you wo n’t see anything.
That's even more stuffy.

When I saw the night scene of Jiufen, 
there was still a Chinese friend who came to play.
They booked nine nights,
Right in the middle of Jiufen Old Street,
Only let me see the night scene of Jiufen,
That is very different from Jiufen during the day,
This is unfolding before our eyes.

Especially on this walk to Amei Tea House,
Crowded with people taking pictures,
There were many people during the day,
I did n’t expect many people at night,
It really surprised me.

Rows of red lanterns lit up the area,
There is an illusion of going back in time,
The kind of scenes in ancient TV dramas and martial arts novels,
Will there suddenly be a hero flying out.

Sitting in a tea house for a cup of hot tea,
As if coming to another time and space,
It is suitable to slowly enjoy the moment.

Buildings that look messy during the day,
Lighted up at night,
I also felt differently,
Just look at it from a distance.

When all the tourists left Jiufen,
It should be quiet and peaceful here at night,
Great drop feeling,
From disturbances to tranquility,
Will the mind feel empty?


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