I have never watched the Chinese professional baseball live again. When will it come back?

There are a total of five Chinese professional baseball teams today. One of them is Wei Chuanlong, which is about to return. It is a team that has been disbanded in the past. It is also one of the most popular teams that year. It was disbanded at the beginning. Many fans are disappointed and crying. After all, he is still a strong team and the team I liked in my childhood. After all, the team mascot is the dragon, so cool and handsome.

Baseball is a popular sport in Taiwan. No boy will be unfamiliar with it. Especially in his early years, he brought a lot of passion and touch to Taiwanese. It also helped Taiwan gain exposure in the world and was the first to watch the game on site. Sports, the current Taipei Arena, used to be the Taipei Municipal Baseball Stadium. The baseball stadiums in downtown Taipei will gather a lot of spectators on match days.

Watching the Chinese professional baseball game on the spot, you have to go back to that time. You can imagine how long it has been. I was a kid and my family took me to watch the baseball game. Everything is so fun. Seeing everyone help Cheer for the team that you support. The kind of enthusiasm and fierce cheering is an atmosphere that you can’t feel in front of the TV. What's more, eating some snacks is a good time to relax and rest, and it can comfort everyone who is busy. Unhappy mood.

But then the Chinese professional baseball experienced a lot of things, and it seemed to lose everyone’s trust. Even the so-called Taiwan’s national football couldn’t bring back the lost hearts. It was really disappointing. There was no dispute between right and wrong. There are many reasons for unclear reasons. Mistakes must be held accountable and apologized. However, why this happened? I believe that it is inseparable from the operator and many other parties.

It’s just that after that period of time, I never went to the scene to watch the game again, and I couldn’t think of any thoughts to watch the Chinese professional baseball, and I rarely watch it even on TV. It’s not that they didn’t work hard, but I felt a little less. Things, without the enthusiasm that made me impulsive in the past, every year there will be so many teams playing games with almost the same players on the court. To be honest, it looks really a bit boring, very unhealthy environment, and the player’s career is also affected. Shorten, a lot of players have no room for survival, so hard practice but not long sports career, after retirement, they still worry about life, it is really not worth thinking about it.

In recent years, every team has actively changed the environment. Whether it is player salaries or the stadium and surroundings, they are much better than in the past, but when will I mention that I want to watch live games? I really don’t know whether the mood that made me feel in my childhood just disappeared or will it suddenly appear one day, or whether I actually missed the Chinese professional baseball game, but went to watch the game with my family. It feels, together, no matter what you do is beautiful.


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