Travel in New Taipei Attractions-Pinglin Tea Museum


The moment you step into Pinglin, you can feel the strong tea atmosphere. It's not that you really smell the tea or the whole air is full of tea. That would be too exaggerated, but you can see sales everywhere. Tea shop.

The whole street is full of tea-related shops. It is not difficult to understand why there is a tea museum here. The biggest cash crop here in Pinglin should be Wenshan Baochao. Most of the residents depend on this. ? Therefore, production, production and sales are all completed in Pinglin through one-stop service.

Tea is like foreign coffee to us, especially the early elders. Almost every family has a set of tea sets. They need to make a cup of tea a day, which is almost the same as that of young people nowadays.

The Tea Museum is a museum that introduces the tea industry in Taiwan and foreign tea culture in China. They also hold some educational promotion activities, and some activities require tickets to visit and browse.

The Pinglin Tea Museum is really no one on weekdays. Even the busiest street is not crowded on weekdays. On weekends, it’s crowded and congested.

In front of the Pinglin Tea Museum is the Beishi River, which has been well cleaned and there is not too much rubbish or pollution. It should be cool and cool in summer and you can find fish.
Opposite the stream is the main street of Pinglin!

When we went, there were some activities, but we needed tickets to visit, so we gave up directly. On the one hand, the time is too late. On the other hand, we are not particularly interested, just look around inside.

Pinglin Tea Museum actually occupies a small area. There are several different buildings, including exhibition halls, experience halls, and tea art classrooms. The overall style is a bit like Chinese garden architecture, and the style matches well with tea. Imagine yourself here. In this environment, drinking a cup of tea quietly and elegantly, it should be no problem to pretend to be a literary and artistic youth, it is still possible to pretend to be forceful, haha.

Personally, I suggest that you don’t need to visit this museum in particular, unless there is a specific exhibition that suits your interests, otherwise just come to Pinglin for a walk and have some tea.


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