How to eat Korean bagged instant noodles with a pair of chopsticks? Korean roommates pass on secrets not to others.

I believe everyone is familiar with Korean instant noodles, especially Korean cuisine was very popular in Taiwan for a while, and related surrounding foods have also become popular. This instant noodles that can be said to be a luxury in the past, its unit price is all It’s more expensive than ordinary Taiwan’s bagged instant noodles. Basically, it’s almost close to NT$40. You can eat two packs of regular instant noodles for the price of one pack, but its noodles are indeed very attractive, especially the cooked Korean noodles. Instant noodles is the right way to open it. The noodles are thick and chewy with spicy soup, this is its charm!

When I was studying in China, I would eat 2 days a week. After I went to the United States, I would eat Korean instant noodles for 4~5 days almost a week. I know how indispensable instant noodles are as long as they study. Well, it’s relatively cheap to buy in China. It costs about USD$1.5 to buy a pack in the United States. It is also available in local supermarkets in the United States. However, in order to buy Korean instant noodles, I even went to a Korean roommate with my Korean roommate. The Korean grocery store opened in Boston compares prices and sees where they are sold at a better price. You will know how much demand and craziness there is for them.

This is why you can eat Korean instant noodles so many times a week. As long as you have a Korean roommate, you can achieve this goal. Their acceptance of foreign food is relatively weak. Although they are edible, they always feel that something is missing. They don’t have to be surprised that they carry the chili sauce with them. They may feel that they didn’t eat it after dinner. When they return to the room, they just have a bowl of Korean instant noodles (there is another hidden dish to talk about next time), or they just want to eat after drinking. Order hot food and have a Korean instant noodles.

So when you buy Korean instant noodles in bags and not in bowls, what should you do if you don’t have a bowl to use? How to eat instant noodles like this? At this time, Korean roommates taught a cheat, saying that this is the way they used to be in the army, and almost only Korean instant noodles can be soaked in this way. Taiwan’s instant noodles or The instant noodles of other countries are basically not usable. This is related to their packaging materials. The packaging of Korean instant noodles is thicker, and the material inside is also heat-resistant, so it can be used occasionally. It is not recommended for long-term use. Do this again when making bowls and dishes.

If you have a pair of disposable chopsticks (the one that sticks together and turns into two when you use it) is the best. Explain why it is convenient when I explain the operation steps. The first one is to open the bubble from the top seal. The noodles should not be torn open casually to maintain integrity. There can only be one side opening and no holes in other places. Then, pour the seasoning powder directly into the bag, add appropriate hot water, and use chopsticks to hold it on top. The opening is used as a seal to prevent the heat from escaping, so as to ensure that its heat will not run away and affect the maturity of the noodles (although there is no way to compare it with the cooked noodles). The rest is time to wait for eating, right The bag will be hot if you take it out. Don't hold it directly from below. You can only use the opening on the top. You can also drink the soup by pouring it.

This is the legendary Korean instant noodles eaten directly in a bag, as long as a pair of chopsticks and hot water are needed, wherever you need pots, bowls or other things, that's all, hahaha! We have eaten this way many times. In the dormitory and Korean roommates eating instant noodles with snacks and beer in the room, chatting is still quite a pleasant life.


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