Life | Xiaobao Growth Diary EP.28-Little clever ghost peeking at the camera

Every time I watch other people’s pet videos, I’ll be envious. Other people’s dogs have a lot of skills. It seems that it’s another matter to have my own turn. If it wasn't for Xiaobao's cuteness, I wouldn't ask for it too much. In fact, the elders in the hometown have no time to teach it. Most of them are for Little Treasure to have fun freely. It’s already a great time to be able to eat, sleep and take a walk.

This time I want to take a sneak shot of it to see how it reacts. It feels like this guy is a bit accustomed to being photographed, holding his mobile phone to Xiaobao, it calmly maintains a fixed posture, regardless of what you want to do.

There was no special feeling when I took the photo. I came back and looked at the photo carefully and discovered one thing. Almost every piece of Xiaobao's eye has the right lens. Surprised! Was it Xiaobao deliberately or accidentally? Its practical eyes laugh at humans and express that you are too tender. Wouldn't I find a good posture and look at the camera? You are too underestimating me! Remember to take me better.


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