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United States-Quincy Market in Boston, where you can eat, drink, play and historical sites.
Food|Taipei|Oumaiga Zhu(pig) Bawang Pork Knuckle Rice Specialty Store-Yongchun Store, am I here to step on the landmine?
【美國】波士頓昆西市場Quincy Market,吃喝玩樂與歷史古蹟。
American attractions|Faneuil Hall in Boston, one of the stops on the Freedom Trail.
Food|Jiufen Jinzhi red yeast rice pork meatballs(Bawan), six pieces in a box to take home
【美國】波士頓法尼爾廳Faneuil Hall,自由之路的其中一站。
Daily Unboxing | Xiaomei Red Bean Jelly Popsicle-Childhood Memories