Food | Keelung,Houshan Sea View Coffee-Different Keelung Harbor Views from day to night

Houshan Sea View Coffee-Harbour scenery

Every time I see a friend’s Keelung night photo
I want to say that there is still such a place.
In Keelung? Harbour night view? real or fake
I have never been to Keelung for many years.

In the past, even if I went there, I just went to Miaokou Night Market.
Everything for Keelung is blank

Taking advantage of this family’s opportunity to go to Keelung
Come here to see the scenery and eat.
It feels like it will be good

Follow the route of the navigation
After a very magical driveway
I thought it was the parking lot.
But a building above
This design is really amazing.
The first time I really doubt whether it is the wrong place.

I don't know if it is a relationship at the beach.
It looks very shabby outside.
Salt is high and easy to be destroyed.
But after entering, it is another scene.

If you look at it at night, it’s more emotional.

There are still quite a lot of seats inside.
But the best location is of course by the window.

I have asked friends before coming.
Is there any recommended menu?
The answer I got was that it’s not bad.

Looking at the menu with a skeptical attitude
Found that the price is not very cheap?
Is it really eating scenery is not food?

I was a little surprised when I was served.
This meal is quite a lot.
The side dishes of the set are the same
Two side dishes, soup and rice

This time we ordered four different flavors.
Curry shrimp, Polygonum stewed chicken, burdock, stewed boiled fish
The taste is not bad

The seafood is very fresh and the shrimps have more than 10 sights.
The fish is very smooth and not smelly.
The ingredients inside are also very adequate.

It seems that the burdock and the chicken are still the same.
Polygonum soup is very rich

But what I am most concerned about is the night scene.

The night scenes that are usually seen in Taipei are high-rise buildings in the city.
What I see here is the combination of the harbour and the mountains.

It’s exactly like another world
Watching the reflection in the water
With a quiet

Even if its location is a bit special, there are still many people coming in the evening.
The excitement inside the store and the tranquility outside
Very sharp contrast


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