Food Notes | Linkou Street Dry Noodles and Pig's Blood Soup | Formerly Linkou Street in front of Hi-life

In the past, there was a noodle stall in front of Hi-life entrance on Linkou Street, and it only came out to do business at night. Next to him was a stall selling steamed buns. I believe the residents living nearby must have an impression. It has been open for a long time. It's time. In my memory, the business has always been very good. Every time I pass by, I see many people eating noodles. Later, when I passed by at night, I found that there was no stall, and I thought it would not be able to rest.

Recently, I was near Songshan Road and Linkou Street at noon. I wanted to find a place to have a simple lunch, so I walked into a noodle shop I had never seen before. However, when I saw pasta and pig blood soup written on the signboard, my interest was raised. This combination is quite a match, and I haven't had pig blood soup for a long time.

In addition, its environment is very special, unlike the environment of a traditional noodle shop, it is more like a coffee shop or a brunch shop. Then there are many kitchen utensils and refrigerators that you will see at the noodle stall at the door, which is a bit inconsistent. Am I eating noodles in a cafe? Or is it a complex operation that also sells coffee? It should just be that it did not change the decoration after it was leased.

The meat on the dry noodles is very large, and the seasoning will not be heavy. Sometimes eating dry noodles is afraid that it will be too dry and the sauce will be too heavy. This bowl is relatively light, and the noodles are just right. . The amount of pig blood soup is quite large, and the seasoning is not heavy. Although there is a bit of sand tea flavor, the soup is slightly monotonous and not rich enough. It should be good to use some broth.

In fact, sometimes eating a bowl of noodles at such a traditional noodle stand, accompanied by a little braised food, is one thing, it is a feeling of an atmosphere, a memory of a local culture. It seems simple enough to warm your stomach and heart.

Linkou Street Dry Noodles and Pig's Blood Soup

Address: No. 24, Lane 541, Songshan Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City 110

Tel: +886908206771


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