Unboxing|Thailand TIPAROS Tang Shuang Wei Lu (Fish Sauce), a magical seasoning that adds salty and delicious flavor.


Southeast Asian cuisine (Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, etc.), some regional Chinese cuisine, or Korean cuisine will use fish sauce as a seasoning. Not everyone will like it just by smelling it. There will be a bit of fish (seafood) smell. , And its concentration is very high. Adding a little bit can increase the aroma of the cooking, and can also replace some salty sources. The fish sauce is very salty because it is fermented from fish. Do not try to eat it directly, nor Add too much at once or you will doubt your life.

For example, cold green papaya salad, Korean kimchi, and other dishes will add fish sauce to add flavor. When you are looking for umami but don’t know what seasoning it is, there is a chance it will be fish sauce. When making kimchi before I considered adding a little fish sauce to try the taste, but later I wanted to say that I seldom used it and gave up buying it. However, when I passed the Indonesian store this time, I bought a bottle of Thai Tang Shuang Wei Lu. The price is not particularly expensive. ? 300ml is NT$45. It seems that you can buy it online for less than NT$30, but there are other costs plus one plus which is not very cost-effective.

This Thai Tang Shuang Wei Lu (anchovy sauce) should be regarded as a relatively popular product, and it is also a brand that is relatively easy to buy. It is imported by an agent in Taiwan. After opening it, you can smell its rich aroma, except for cooking. It can also be added to eat noodles or rice noodles. It can increase the richness of the original seasoning, but it really can't be added too much, it is really very salty.

In the future, you may try to add it to different dishes, or add a little when making kimchi, will it directly turn Taiwanese cuisine into Southeast Asian cuisine? It is really curious whether it can raise the level of cooking or become hell cooking!


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