《3C Smart Home》Xiaomi extension cord, simple, exquisite and compact, with 3 USB ports.


Generally, the extension cord at home takes a long time to be replaced. From a certain point of view, it is a bit dangerous. It can also be regarded as a consumable item. Special attention should be paid to safety for electrical related products. Many fire cases are related to the misuse of wires. It requires periodic inspection and updates with crisis awareness, which can save a lot of trouble.

I just went to Xiaomi’s home and bought two extension cords directly to replace the two old extension cords at home. On the one hand, it is a replacement. On the other hand, everyone now uses a lot of electronic products, which require a lot of plugs and USB. The interface is more convenient for charging, otherwise sometimes there is a charging cable that can be used without a plug, which is also quite annoying.

Mi extension cord NT$295/pc, with three three-hole power ports and three USB ports, a power switch with white light, which can be turned off when sleeping or not in use at night. I used to think this switch was very troublesome. It’s okay to plug it in and not use it, but later found that it’s a big deal. This can reduce a lot of potential safety hazards and increase convenience.

The Mi extension cord is long and looks simple, exquisite, compact and clean. However, there will be a little problem in use. It is the direction of the plug used. It will not affect if the plug is straight up and down, but if the plug is horizontal Yes, it may affect the number of plugs used and will be blocked by the side.

The distance between the 3 USB ports is okay, but if the USB port is made smaller, this distance is still a bit difficult to pull out. In addition, the power switch is relatively small, and the button will be more comfortable to press when the button is larger. I don’t know if it will be in the future. There will be an independent power switch for each socket.

The Mi extension cord has a half-year warranty. If you have any problems, you can bring the sales details back to Mi Home.

Provides 3 USB charging ports, the performance is comparable to the original charger. It can charge common devices such as mobile phones, tablets, e-books and digital cameras at home at the same time using only a USB cable. The unique USB smart charging chip can automatically identify the device and also supports 2A fast charging.

15A overload protection, three-in-one switch, safety protection door, flame-retardant shell, safety resistance, it sounds like the safety part is well done, so there is no need to verify it.

The non-slip foot pad on the back makes it difficult 
to move on the table or the ground.

The plug of the Mi extension cord made me very entangled, saying that it should be sturdy and durable, but the directionality of use is very fixed. When I was using it, the direction of the plug was not where I wanted it, and it was the same as the original wall socket. The location is related, this is a bit embarrassing, it makes me want to curse.


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