What is happiness? Simple and difficult.

Happiness: is a long-lasting spiritual satisfaction.

It's also a somewhat underwhelming feeling. It's a state of mind! It has different answers for different people, and there is no one fixed answer. Some people may be happy with a lot of money. Some people are happy doing what they want to do. It is somewhat similar to happiness. When you feel happy, you also feel happy, right?

In the limited time in life, everyone is trying their best to pursue happiness. Both materially and spiritually. Which is more accessible or important is not the correct one. It could be both right and wrong. Because people are the most complex creatures, even if you copy other people's ways, you may not be able to get your happiness.

Envy in the eyes of others does not mean actual happiness. When you see a rich man, you will envy his wealth and lifestyle. But his real life is not something you can understand or see. He may live a carefree life without worrying about money. But is there no trouble in other areas? Like friendship, family, love, family. Perhaps what he wanted more than money was another company. Outsiders generally only focus on one focus, which is money. I think it should be very happy. There's nothing to be unhappy about, anything you want.

As a result, what came out of his mouth was that he wanted the company of his family. Will it surprise you? That was the secret he kept in his heart. Matter cannot satisfy the mind; it is a bit like a drug. It can temporarily and quickly numb your mood; you need to use it repeatedly. This is why many rich people pay more attention to spiritual homework in private. Whether it is meditation or exercise, it is more regular than the average person.

I don't even know what happiness is. never catch it. Been looking for it too.


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