Do you have a life bucket list? Reflection on the meaning of life

The first time I heard the term was from The Bucket List. The old man made a list of the wishes he wanted to fulfill at the end of his life. The impact it caused was very big, and it also caused many people to reflect on it. These elderly people have done a lot in the final bucket list that is not in line with everyone's age constraints. Simple is that ordinary people will tell them why they do such dangerous things. In the end is that behavior is dangerous? Or is age dangerous?

In fact, think about it the other way around, why drag it to the end of your life? Just to complete this bucket list. The appearance of this term is a bit ironic about life. It means you couldn't do it when you were young, whether it was no time or no money. Or is there any other factor that cannot be achieved! You have to put it off until the end to do what you want to do, not for someone else. Really for yourself!

Let me make this list now, I honestly can't make it. His head was blank, without any thoughts. It's that I don't have a dream, I don't have anything I want to do. Or have I lost too much of myself by reality and this society. He doesn't even have the ability to talk about imagination or dreams, and he is obviously not very old. But it has lost its motivation and meaning!

A bucket list in life should not be called a bucket list. Call it a dream list, will it make life a little happier. Even the word "last wish" means that there are still wishes that may not be fulfilled or cannot be fulfilled. The list actually represents a lot of regrets in life, although the intention is not to leave any regrets. In the end, it is really a pity if you are not careful. In this case, you want to complete it in order to stay until the end of your life. Instead of thinking about how to not leave regrets in your life now.

Write it down now, maybe after completing one after another, you will find that you have other dreams. Only then did I realize that I wanted a lot, but fortunately I didn't leave it to the end. Only now have the mental and physical strength to do a lot of things, instead of regretting not doing it sooner. The mind does not age, but physical decline can only be delayed. No one can escape its natural laws!


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