Which one do you choose? Pizza Hut or Domino's?

Do you have such annoyance every time you want to order pizza? In the end is it to be called Pizza Hut or Domino's? They are the two largest chain pizza restaurants in Taiwan, and they are the first pizza restaurants that everyone thinks of. Don't count Napoli (whose fried chicken is better known than pizza) and other private brands, after all, when you want to take out or take out, the first choice will be these two first. At least that's the case in our house! It can only be said that they did a good job of publicity and marketing at the beginning, and they are still impressive until now. Otherwise they may not necessarily be the main choice in the US!

Pizza Hut and Domino's each have their own advocates. Let me tell you what my personal impression of them is from the past. Pizza Hut has richer flavors, heavier flavors, and a bit more greasy. The thick crust and cheese are an advantage that cannot be ignored. Therefore, some people feel tired of eating Pizza Hut if they don’t eat a few slices. They must be accompanied by drinks such as cola or beer. But you have to eat pizza, isn't that a must? Then there's Domino's, which has thin and thick options. Thin slices were once its mainstay, and thick slices are indeed hard to compare with Pizza Hut. I always feel that it is not so enjoyable to eat, and the taste and aroma are slightly inferior to Pizza Hut. That's why for a long time its fame was lost to Pizza Hut.

But I have eaten Domino's once in the United States before, and I think Domino's in the United States is not too bad. It feels better than Domino's in Taiwan! Of course, I have also encountered friends who are not good at Domino's, and the other party just thinks that Pizza Hut is too over. This is purely a matter of personal taste and preference, and there is no decisive factor to determine a winner or loser.

But in my family, I don't have this trouble, and no one seems to put Domino's in their options or hearts. Every time I say pizza, it must be Pizza Hut, almost always from childhood to adulthood. And it's not just my family, it's even my family's relatives. Whenever family members on my dad's side gather for pizza, it's always Pizza Hut. There are almost no exceptional moments! I haven't seen Domino's in my memory, isn't it interesting? However, Domino's has not decreased recently, or even more and more. Especially the shocking blow of no delivery fee should help it steal some of the Pizza Hut market! So do you choose Pizza Hut or Domino's? And why?


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