Mood | The importance of health, a visit to a hospital outpatient clinic will let you understand.

Walking into a large hospital, watching people coming and going, countless patients waiting for consultation in front of each clinic, hospital beds and wheelchairs being pushed in the aisles, do you regret it at this time? The body that has been tortured and abused by yourself will one day give you feedback, and you will only think about why you didn't take good care of your body in the first place. And usually it's too late when it really arrives!

In fact, I don't like stepping into the hospital, and I hardly even walk in the hospital area. Every time I go to the hospital, I feel that my whole body is not right. Of course, don’t be afraid to go to the hospital when you are sick. You can go to the clinic first for minor illnesses. Medical grading still has its meaning, and you don’t need to waste medical resources and make good use of it.

Are these ailments really unpreventable or impossible to prevent? It was just forgotten, and finally I remembered its importance. Now people’s lifespan is much longer than in the past, but the discovery and increase of diseases are also much more than in the past. Some diseases almost evolved with the development of society. In addition to the convenience of technology, progress has also taken away the health of the public, delicious unhealthy food, and convenient and fast transportation.

Supermarkets are full of snacks and beverages, delicious but heavy-duty take-out meals, and traveling by car reduces the chance of exercising. Rich night life, quick and convenient information, and the accumulation factor bit by bit are the reasons for so many diseases now. The body itself has strong self-healing and resilience, but it cannot withstand man-made damage, just like building a building is difficult, and destroying it is only a momentary thing.

Eat enough food in the right amount, keep enough sleep, develop habit of exercise, release psychological pressure, maybe your health will come back on your own. It also needs your respect, and will return you many miracles, after all, it is a mysterious human body! No one has been able to explain its secrets until now.


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