The mood is going to collapse! Do you occasionally feel like you're going to explode?

The mood is going to collapse! This is a snapshot of my mood in the last few days. Is it a glass heart? Or lack of stress resistance? It should not be, but there is no feeling of being believed. Self-confidence is extremely low, and positive energy is exhausted. It can't be replenished, it's just being consumed. The growth rate of negative emotions is like adding a Turbo, and the speed is accelerated. The positive emotions couldn't keep up at all, couldn't see its taillights.

At this time, I doubted the meaning and value of my life. And you say why is that so? No one has a correct answer because no one's point is the same. Even doctors can't predict when it will detonate, at best you may be close to it. Under the rule of thumb over the past few years, I have gradually felt the feeling that I may be about to collapse. Probably something or something could make me blow up. I am usually learning to calm down my mental activities, whether it is to divert attention or increase my confidence. Block the people and things you don't like, and you don't want to let yourself fall into that endless abyss in various ways.

It is definitely not an easy thing to pull yourself back from a real mental breakdown. The best way is to prevent and stop losses in advance, not to the last minute. But it's always easier said than done! This is not something that others can experience and feel. So one day I can deeply understand a sentence. Easier said than done, don't keep saying big things, but learn to listen, support and encourage. Sometimes, no matter how much he accidentally said, he couldn't let him go and made him even more unhappy.

At this time of near collapse, the whole person is in a state of unease. No matter what is wrong, what you want to do and what you don't want to do. I just want an outlet to relieve stress. I used to rely on smoking and drinking to distract my attention, which resulted in a good amount of alcohol for a while. This side effect is still terrible! Later, for the sake of health and to adjust my mental state, I basically stopped doing unhealthy things. In fact, those methods can't really help themselves, they are just paralyzing. Afterwards, there is a chance to accumulate more outbreaks! Then let's exercise~ I found that my body is really weak, but I feel physically uncomfortable at the same time. What can I do to make myself happy? At least I haven't found a best way yet!


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