Memories | Whiskey's Restaurant in Boston-Memories drink $40 tequila

The coordinates are at 885 Boylston St, Boston, MA 02116 United States. It is a pity that it is an American restaurant. It can also be said to be a complex restaurant or a bar. , are quite popular with everyone. The name of the restaurant is called Whiskey's, and it should be unable to support it during the epidemic period, and it has declared a permanent closure. (One of the hardest hits by the epidemic also includes the catering service industry)

In my memory, it was the first time I went to a restaurant in Boston, and it was also the first time I had dinner with my language school classmates, so I have special memories. The funniest thing is that I can't remember how the date was? I still remember that the English at that time was very bad. Everyone communicated in limited English, and even had to check the translation, but no one felt uncomfortable or strange, but it was very harmonious. When you go abroad, you don’t have to worry about poor English. As long as you dare to speak and express yourself, you will eventually be able to understand the meaning.

The location of Whiskey's is very good and convenient. The MBTA Green Line Copley station can be reached in a 5-minute walk. The Boston Public Library and the Prudential Building are nearby, on the main street. Especially for international students, transportation is a problem to be concerned about. Being able to catch the subway at night can save a lot of money.

The second time I was impressed by it was wine. You can only drink and buy wine in the United States when you are over 21 years old. As long as the waiter suspects your age, you must show your ID, otherwise it will not be sold to you. Once a classmate went to Whiskey's for dinner at night, naturally there would be no shortage of alcohol. It's a very strange thing, is it that people who go abroad are very good at drinking, or they like drinking? I've never met a classmate who doesn't know how to drink, so this is also very dumbfounded.

Before that day, everyone was still very piece, simply eating and drinking some beer. By this time, there was no problem. Anyway, everyone was used to sharing the cost. Suddenly, my classmates started to get high for some reason. Beer could no longer satisfy their desires, so they started to attack spirits, and they had to have one shot. At this time, I want to say a lot in my heart, and I want to curse people a little bit, so I can't keep a low profile and calm down. Why bother to drink outside, can't you go back to the dormitory to drink? I don't know if it's expensive to drink outside. You can buy a lot of bottles of wine with the money outside, and your heart is bleeding silently.

After drinking a few glasses of tequila in a row, I hurriedly ended the meal. When I checked out, I found out that the wine was more expensive than the pre-dinner and beer I paid for, which was dumbfounded. And they haven't gotten anyone drunk yet, and they all took the subway back to the dormitory with reason. It's a big loss. In view of the fact that we will hardly drink a few more drinks outside, at most beer, and let's talk about the rest when we go back, it is still the most cost-effective to buy wine by ourselves.

Although the heart is painful, in fact, the atmosphere of the dinner party and the communication with the classmates feel very good. In this situation, everyone can easily unload their hearts, which can better increase each other's feelings. When you are alone in a foreign country, the friends you meet locally are very important. Even if everyone may go back to their respective homes in the end, it is fate that they only meet for a short time. (Note: Drink alcohol in moderation, especially if you are abroad.)


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