Unbearable parting!

No matter what age, young children, teenagers, young people, adults, middle-aged people, and the elderly, no one can easily say the parting that they can accept anyone or anything. Parting, or parting, may be encountered at all ages and time periods. It seems that you have to get used to this kind of emotion and feeling since childhood, but is this something that everyone can accept or bear? Is this a big question mark? No one can know the correct answer to a question.

I remember that when I was very young, an old man next to my hometown in the countryside passed away. According to my elders, I had a relationship with our family. When I was young, I had to wear clothes and filial piety. I didn’t have a clear understanding of the world. To understand, to simply say something, sit there for hours on your knees. Listening to the conversation and crying of the adults next to him, against the background of the funeral environment in the countryside, there are almost only two words to describe horror.

When I was in elementary school, I had a dog at home. A few years later, it was sent back to my hometown for some family reasons. Then I heard the news that it had passed away. There are two versions of going to heaven. Isn’t it dumbfounded? But this was made to not make me too sad, and it did dilute the strong sadness a little. After all, I didn't leave in front of me. That's why although I like cats and dogs, I don't like cats and dogs anymore. Any thought of rearing, finding myself not that strong enough to accept the closeness of them leaving me.

Every parting is not a wound that can be easily recovered, it takes time to dilute and heal the wound, and this does not mean that it can be forgotten, and it will remain in the mind and head forever. Occasionally, it will pop up to remind you, and your mood will fluctuate a lot at this time. After all, only the people you care about most will make you feel so sad. If there was a medicine that could make people forget those hurts, would you choose to take it or not? Maybe eat and forget about it, but also forget the interaction with this person and thing.


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