Neihu Taipei,Donghu Station Lehuo Park Cherry Blossom Forest 2019

Donghu Station Lehuo Park-Featured Park

The weather has changed in the past few years
Winter is not like winter
Summer is like summer
So the plants that follow the climate
Also upset their flowering

Sometimes I feel that going to Yangmingshan is a trouble thing.
Control time, otherwise the traffic is not convenient
And a friend said that there is a place in Inner Lake to see cherry blossoms.
MRT and walking can reach
Let's why have to go

MRT sits at Exit 3 of Donghu Station
Walk  for about 10 minutes
Can reach this small and beautiful park

It’s a pity that the timing is not very good.
Still not in full bloom
The weather is not cold enough
Many flower buds have not yet bloomed
In need of release
Half of it is still not open

There are different types of cherry blossoms here.
Of course, I can't distinguish the types.
Just knowing that it is cherry blossoms is very powerful.
Hahaha! !

Blue sky white cloud
With pink cherry blossoms
beautiful! !

There are also activities in the cherry blossom season.
Except during the day
In the evening, there is a light to enjoy cherry blossoms.
More special, look with light at night
There should be different feelings
Have a chance next time.


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