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Hing Kee Claypot Rice - First stationed in Taiwan in [Breeze Nanshan]

Before the opening of the breeze Nanshan, 
I heard the news of the wind. 
The news of the Hong Kong Temple Street, 
which is to be remembered to enter the coffin,
 is also about when to go to worship after the opening. 
After all, the aroma of the clams is hard to resist.

Front doorlineup

front door

I don't know if it is lucky? Or bad luck? 
The week when I was going to visit the Hingkee Restaurant, 
it was raining heavily. When I went to the scene, 
I suspected my eyes. It was so empty. 
The imaginary long queue scene did not appear.
 There were only a few kittens. It seems a bit desolate.

Inside space

The seats in the store can hold about 90 seats,
 and the environment is clean and bright, 
which makes people feel comfortable.

Inside Inside space

Don't worry if you bring children, there is a child seat, 
but you should pay attention to safety 
when the claypot rice comes to the table.


A few friends come here to share meals,
 in addition to trying a few more dishes, it can also reduce the cost.


Here we must first say that for their service, 
we think that we need to strengthen. On the same day, we have four people.
 There are not many guests in the store. 
About 70% of the seats are empty. 
We are worried about the food and put it on the table.
 The meeting would be very crowded, 
and asked if the clerk could change to another location. 
After failing to replace it, it would lead to Kaka when we were eating. 
Also help them put their position in order to serve!


The amount of hot fried, probably this is the case,
 the cabbage is not eaten a few mouthfuls,
Dried green beans are also common, not very OK.

Laver glutinous riceLaver glutinous rice

Laver glutinous rice, liver sausage and bacon sausage combination,
 men can eat a meal, after serving as soon as possible, 
topped with sauce, so that the sauce can penetrate into the pot heat, 
the taste will be more fragrant. The crispy rice tastes better! 
Eating crispy rice is also the focus,

Laver glutinous rice

To be honest, the taste of the sausage is a little different from 
what I expected. It is not so rich and the taste is lighter. 
Also not integrated into rice!

Octopus chicken claypot riceOctopus chicken claypot rice

Octopus chicken claypot rice, octopus chicken granules are 
made into a piece of meatloaf.
Can eat the sweetness and elasticity of the octopus, 
the soft taste of the chicken.

Curry soft shell crab

Curry soft shell crab, the middle of the curry sauce is slightly spicy, 
heavy taste, fried soft shell crab does not touch the sauce, 
the soft shell crab can be eaten sweet, after the curry, 
the taste will be covered, both It is the taste of curry in the mouth. 
The wobble plate can be strengthened, otherwise it looks really ordinary.

Cordyceps stewed chicken soup

Cordyceps stewed chicken soup, salt bar put more? 
Too salty, drink the soup, and drink the water. 
Not much chicken, not very worth it!

The impression I came here was not very good. 
I don’t know if I was expecting too much, 
or I didn’t have a good taste of Hong Kong style in Taiwan. 
I hope that it can do a better job, and worry about the price.
 I don't think it has value. It's a pity that there is no idea to 
eat it for the time being.

【陳興發 興記菜館 微風南山店】
電話02 2758 2226
營業時間:週日-週三 11:00-21:30;週四-週六 11:00-22:00


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