Travel in Miaoli,Gongguan,Golden Town Visiting Jujube Net Room Cultivation Demonstration Field-Ecological Experience

Special experience in the countryside, public welfare activities of the Farmers association

As the only Jujube village in the whole country,
 the shiqiang village of  gongguan Town, 
regardless of the weather or pests,
 there are various reasons for the production to be affected. 
In addition to personal experience, 
the farmers’ association needs to put forward some 
Proposals and planning can make better results for farmers everywhere.
 On this basis, the cooperative experiment
 between the peasant association and the farmer, 
and with such a demonstration field observation activity, 
give everyone a new idea, 
but also to meet the choice of their own situation.

Me Zaoju Natural Farm is the place where the collection is held.
 Inviting nearby jujube classes to participate, 
are farmers with rich jujube cultivation experience to discuss 
how to make red dates a new level.

The owner of Me Zaoju is Chen Shuhui, 
who immigrated from Taipei to the Gongguan. 
She has a degree in animal husbandry and forest ecology research, 
and he has his own ideas in agriculture, especially organic farming law.

Net room cultivation is also her first use as an experiment.
 It is a spirit of bold experimentation.
It is good or bad to try, so she is very suitable to introduce and explain this knowledge and problems.

Welcome everyone ! !

The small mailbox cabin is very cute, there are dogs and chickens, 
and it is also echoed in the jujube garden.

On the right, this is Chen Shuhui. Before going in for a visit,
 let the partners try to eat the red dates produced from the net room.
Is it different from the traditional way of taste and sweetness?...

The stocking of chickens everywhere, 
the gates will not sneak out and they will sneak out, 
they are waiting for an opportunity to move.

Chicken quarters, where you come back to sleep every night,
 there are about 60-70 chickens, 
usually free to move, and they will step on their bombs 
if they don't pay attention to the ground.

Net room cultivation is different from greenhouse cultivation.
 Net room cultivation is covered with nets. 
Ventilation can also be used to basking in the sun. 
In addition to some conditions,
 it is necessary to close the plastic greenhouse to control the humidity. 
There is also an automatic sprinkler system installed in the autumn.
 Let the flocks enter, their feces are the source of nitrogen fertilizer, 
plus grass cultivation, which can improve the soil properties, 
protect the environment and ecology, 
and meet the conditions of friendly farming.

The steel wire above is about 2 meters, 
which can limit the height of the red jujube tree,
 which makes the picking convenient. 
The effect of the first 2 years of the net room cultivation is not very obvious. 
There is a transition period. The cultivation method, 
the leaves of the jujube tree will be Larger, 
jujube fruits will be larger and fuller than traditional ones.

Of course, the cost of using this cultivation method will be high, 
and it is necessary to build greenhouses and facilities. 
After understanding, each farmer will consider whether to
 participate in the plan under his or her own conditions, 
and there will be subsidies from the Agriculture and Fisheries Department.
 How do farmers with major incomes increase their output and 
good-looking fruits, and they can use organic farmers?
 It is a process of learning and progress,
 and it can also increase economic value! It is a very interesting ecological experience for me.


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