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Taipei Gongguan night market lined up food,
Lan Jia Gua bao,
Opposite is the famous Chen Sanding brown sugar frog milk,
Therefore, this alley is always overcrowded.
Are crowds of people waiting in line,
Line up here to look at the other side of the queue,
This situation is quite funny.

Lan Jia Gua bao Circumcision was recommended by 
Michelin Bib Gourmand in 2019.
The queuing crowd is estimated to continue to rise.


Eat inside and take out are different routes.
Don't be misled by the queue outside,
The insider can directly ask the clerk.


In addition to the gua bao(pork belly bun), 
there are also si shen soup,intestines vermicelli and rice dumpling.
But shouldn't a few people here come to eat Gua bao?
Waiting time doesn't take long,
I only took less than 10 minutes on the day.
I bought it smoothly and went home to eat it.
I feel so convenient,
After all, I still want to eat more food.

The Gua bao is Taiwan hamburger.
Not very similar to the combination of American burgers,
There are more stuffing options in the Lan Jia Gua bao.
Generally common is lean meat, fat meat, half fat and half thin.
They are more likely to have a more comprehensive and partial lean,
For people who have a taste ratio of their own,
This makes it easier to find the taste that suits you.

Solved the inner entanglement of some people,
In the end, do you want more fat or a little more lean meat?

Whether it’s Gua baog or pork, it’s kept hot.
There will be no difference in temperature difference between the two,
Sometimes the outside is hot and the result is cold inside.
The opposite is also true, it feels not so good.

The basic ingredients of the diced bag,
Peanut powder, coriander, pickled Chinese cabbage,
I have to add all,
The hierarchy is distinct and rich.

While carefully protecting it,
But still a little squeezed,
There is no heat when I just got it,
Even if it is a little cold,
But still can not block the taste of it.

The skin has not been placed for a while,
And it becomes soft and rotten,
Still flexible and chewy,
With a touch of flour.

Michelin bib gourmand

Peanut powder with grainy,
With a moderately pickled Chinese cabbage,
You can't lose a lot of coriander that people hate.

Michelin bib gourmand

Take a bite,
Only one is satisfied,
Let me be a person who doesn't like to eat white bun,
I don’t have any opinion on this skin.
For me, only lean meat,
Will be a little dry, need to drink,
If there is fat,
Increase the humidity in the mouth,
But not too greasy,
The balance of each person's feelings is different.

When I finally finished eating, I only regret it.
Why only bought one,
It’s just good to buy two and eat.

Have the opportunity to come to the Taipei Gongguan Night Market, 
you can try it!
Come with a Si shen soup!


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