Food ,Hong Kong International Airport Recommended Food-McDonald's, the most cost-effective, the most crowded queue

Hong Kong is a place where consumption is not cheap.
Food, clothing and travel are not allowed to be trivial,
But there will be some relatively cheap options,
Not to mention at the airport,
The food you eat at the airport will be 
higher than that from the urban area.
This is the case for airports in any country,
The only thing that doesn't fluctuate too much
 is the international chain stores.
It's also the easiest to see the crowd 
of people in front of the restaurant.
In addition to being convenient and fast, the price is reasonable,
McDonald's is inevitable.

It should be said that it is suitable for one person
 and it is convenient and fast.
There is really no way to ignore the existence of McDonald's,
There are no other restaurants next to it,
Even whether it ’s Hong Kong or Japanese cuisine,
The problem is the long waiting time.
The price is higher, and some are slightly smaller.
Makes me feel very uneconomical,
It's a bit cumbersome to find a place while holding a dinner plate,
After all, the traffic at the Hong Kong International Airport is amazing.
Not too many seats,
You can even buy a seat at the gate 
waiting place where McDonald's took you.

If you want to use nutrition,
Not a great choice, of course
Nutrition is not very balanced,
But where would I think so much while waiting at the airport,
Eating a hamburger and drinking a cola is only fun.

I remember eating ramen next to it. 
I can eat two McDonald's set for that bowl of ramen.
I ca n’t eat enough, and the same goes for wonton noodles + fish eggs,
There is absolutely no way to compare it with McDonald's.
Whether it is full or refreshing.

The only disadvantage is that there will always be long queues, 
and the queue of people will not be interrupted.
The waiting time is not as long as expected,
Every time I come to the Hong Kong Airport, 
I want to report to McDonald's when I wait at the gate.


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