Travel in China,Xiamen,Renhe Road Food Street

A person dangles everywhere in Xiamen,
Hanging around Xiamen Zhongshan Road Pedestrian Street,
To the main road outside,
Opposite is Xiamen Ferry Terminal.

When I do n’t know what to go into that street,
Three words came into view,
Is [Food Street],
The people and roads below are directly ignored by me,
Just want to see what is delicious here,
Stepping into this arch is a new world?

Will it be disappointing or bright?

Simply put, it's disappointing,
In fact, most foods will feel very familiar,
Not too many local specialties,
The oyster fry looks similar to the Taiwanese fried fry.
There are hawkers from Taiwan,
But it ’s not that I have n’t seen this snack in Taiwan.
It just doesn't look good.

No interest at all,
The price is not necessarily cheap yet,
No wonder there are more people on the road than here.
Few people go in this direction,
Especially few tourists,
But this street can go to the traditional market,
May be more interesting than this food street.

When meeting with friends later,
Tell them that I have come to this street,
They also said how did I get there,
None of them would go there to eat.

So I did n’t even want to take pictures.
However, the buildings in the alley are more distinctive.
I feel more,
It's hard to tell which style.

No boredom to a realm,
You don't have to come here.


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