The process of signing up for Google AdSense through Blogger

There are several ways to apply for Google AdSense. You can apply through Google ’s service Blogger or YouTube, or log in directly to Google AdSense to apply immediately. The requirements of each method will be different. You can choose the method that suits you best. It will be easier to pass. (AdSense description)

Because I applied through the Blogger blog, the other methods are not too clear, so I will not explain too much, just describe how I apply through the Blogger blog? How much time did it take? Will it be difficult?

Sign up for Google AdSense earnings with Blogger!

The first step is to apply for Blogger first. This can be said to be very simple, as long as you have a Google account, you can apply for it. It is a free service itself. Users with a Google account can create their own Blogger blogs. Friends of Google services will be very convenient, of course, I will not repeat the differences from other blog platforms here.

The second step is to start adding new blogs and write articles that interest you. This part will have an impact on applying for Google AdSense. Try not to copy or copy other people's articles and paste them.

In the third step, you can see that there is a profit option on the left side of Blogger's background (this picture is after the application is approved). After you click, you will see a button to register Google AdSense. After you click, it will wait for approval.

These steps are actually not difficult. You can easily find them yourself, but this waiting process will be a bit torment. When you do n’t have a certain article content, you ca n’t apply. The application button will not have any response. At this time, you will want to say how many articles or how long it will take to meet the application criteria.

At the beginning, I was also confused. There is no complete standard answer for either the online information or Google AdSense. There is only an ambiguous answer, especially if there is a condition that you have to wait six months to register to apply for advertising. Just seeing this Most of my friends are going crazy. I ’m almost going crazy. It ’s been too long for six months. Of course, Google has its considerations. On the one hand, it needs to understand that you want to run it seriously. On the one hand, it has to confirm the quality of your content and use this method to screen users. This is why it is best to say that it is original content, and do not have plagiarized and copied articles, which may affect your application.

And did I really wait for six months?

Actually, I didn't wait for six months to apply for registration. I remember that after more than one month and less than two months, I can apply. Why on earth can I apply so quickly? I was also curious about this question, my answer is to do what you should do.

Why do I say this? At the moment, my goal is very clear. Basically, I publish an article every day. It must be original content. No matter which aspect it is, it will be easier for me to be interested in it. The new article was published, and I didn't repost the content of others' articles at all.

Personally, I feel that using Blogger to apply is an advantage. It is a service owned by Google. Therefore, as long as you meet the conditions, the speed of application is not too slow.

So the focus is on the quality and content of the website. The number of articles is about 50 or more (not the exact number, maybe 50 is not necessary). It is not spam or content that violates its policies. Yes, there will be a review process when you apply for it, about a few days or 1 to 2 weeks.

However, even if you place advertisements, you need to be patient. You need to work hard to increase the content and traffic of your website to have the opportunity to make money. I am also working hard on the road. Let's cheer together!


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