Not all American restaurants provide water, and even if it does, it may not be free.

When going to eat out in a restaurant in Taiwan, most of them will provide tea, a few ask for it from the service staff or take it on their own, a small part is not provided at all. Drinking tea can kill the waiting time for the meal, otherwise Waiting is a bit boring, and these do not require additional fees, and are completely free. Of course, it is different unless you go to a Cantonese restaurant. They all count the tea fee, and it doesn’t matter if you don’t order.

It’s a completely different situation in the United States. At the beginning, it’s a bit uncomfortable. Some restaurants will provide water, but not all restaurants will provide it. Their habit is to ask at the beginning whether they want to order drinks (soft drinks, alcoholic drinks). ), ordering food afterwards, the ordering method is completely opposite to that of Taiwan. Of course, it doesn’t matter if you don’t order a drink, you can order the food directly.

Later, you can ask if you can ask for a glass of water. At this time, the water you order is very particular. Why do you say that? There are two types of water at this time. One is bottled mineral water, which requires money, and the other is tap water ( The faucet comes out), because not every restaurant will provide water, and the water will not always be free. It is best to ask clearly or pay attention to the beverage menu.

Tap water in most areas can be drunk raw (you can check online in advance if you have any doubts), so they will also ask you if you want tap water or mineral water. One is free and the other is paid, otherwise The waiter would be embarrassed to give you a bottle of water directly, and the possibility that the bottle of water is more expensive than the drink is very high, which is why most of the time they order drinks instead of ordering water in the restaurant, and they also Without boiling water, it is just ordinary cold water.

There is another situation, you can try, that is, if you want to take medicine, can you give you a glass of water, the general waiter will still help, of course, you really want to take medicine and use this method again, so go to a restaurant You can observe it first, and if you are unsure, ask the waiter, they will still be happy to help you answer.


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