Importance of communication

There is a wall between people. The wall is thick and not thick. If you don’t know how high or low you are, you will have a protection mode. If you don’t understand the situation, you will always have a protection mode. Being blocked by the wall, there is no door to enter. This is easy to happen when you first know someone. You can only use the first feeling to judge how the other party is. After chatting and sharing, you can know more about the other party. A kind of person is not suitable for dealing with it, or it is necessary to keep a distance. In the absence of this stage of the process, the judgment may be inaccurate, and experience will always be wrong. This is only for friends and strangers. What about family?

Will this happen to family members? In addition to the blood relationship, do you really understand each other's personality or ideas? Even if everyone lives together as an independent individual, no one can say for sure that I know you very well. Although it is a family, they also have their own lifestyles and rhythms, which will cause everyone’s ideas and values ​​to have Differently, arbitrarily think that the other party should do things according to what they want, whether it is biased rather than listening to other people's inner thoughts and accepting the difference between themselves and themselves.

At this time, in theory, communication is a bridge to connect themselves and each other, to express their own ideas and ideas, so that each other can understand what they think, why do they, why not do it, like or dislike, communicate In the process of finding a balance to achieve understanding and respect.

If this communication is only unilaterally speaking, it is not communication. It is only unilaterally telling the other party. In this case, the other party does not want to listen to what you are saying. This communication is not established. When you can’t say anything, you can’t express yourself. At the same time, the relationship will not be close. It means that it is not so trusting the other party. It feels that the other party cannot accept or agree with it, and even blames itself. The problem can never be solved. It is a death cycle.

Especially the elder parents, think that children will not have their own understanding, it is difficult to communicate calmly, is this a bad thing? Incomplete, communication also takes time and process. This is a running-in period. When you communicate more times, you will find a balance after you know each other better. Need to start, in order to have follow-up, without this communication consensus, then everything is empty.

To understand each other and care for each other better, communication is essential.


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