In the era of information explosion, we must have self-conscious belief.

In the past, information could only be received from newspapers, magazines, radio and television. Whether it is the latest social news, world news. From message lag to instant updates, the transition is very fast. It all started after the birth of the Internet. The advantage is that any news can be easily obtained, and any questions can be answered on the Internet. You can also get the events happening in every corner of the world at the fastest speed. Break the original barrier! But new problems arise spontaneously.

Countless information is released every hour, every second, every day. Whether it's a Google search, a news site or a social networking app. Countless and large amounts of information are spreading, which is true and which is false? Instead, test the people who use the information. Do you have the ability and wisdom of self-discrimination?

Even well-known websites are inevitably reduced to some people's tools. Fake news and information are circulating everywhere. Many people who do not have the ability to identify and judge the content easily believe it. The unfortunate incidents that led to the occurrence of the incidents have occasionally been reported, but there has been no good way to solve them.

When you receive a certain information, it is best to double-check its authenticity. Confirm in different places, and even be suspicious as long as there is a different voice in one place. The next step is to increase your own knowledge reserve and watch less meaningless reports. It is very important to develop self-judgment and thinking skills!


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