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In Taiwan, there is a well-known company in the tourism industry, [Lion Group], although they have not necessarily participated in their tour group, they have heard their names.

They started the restaurant across the catering industry. When they saw the LION GROUP label in the restaurant, I found out that it was related to the lion.

Front door

The first one is the Neihu store.

The second is the Renai concept store.


From the outside, it feels very attractive, simple design, the obvious red logo with a gray background, and the feeling of a foreign restaurant.

coffee takeout


It is also a good choice to come here with a cup of coffee and a dessert or salad.Or To Go.

GonnaEat's slogan


However, eating real food, not eating too much processed food, is indeed a healthy diet, and the body is relaxed.

Inside environment

Large floor-to-ceiling windows let the light in the room be bright and the natural light is good when the weather is good.

Inside environment

There are a lot of seats, but they are full at noon. If you don't make an appointment, you have to wait patiently. In addition, they have no time limit, suitable for friends to meet and chat.

The small plane tells you where you are sitting and whether it feels like flying.

All cutlery, napkins, or sauces such as water and ketchup must be taken by ourselves, and the clerk is only responsible for serving.

Sousvide Roasted Natural-fed Beef

Garlic oil,Parmesan & Wild Mushroom

Chicken Provencal

Sousvide Roasted Natural-fed pork shoulder

Black Pasta,with shrimp and mussel

Lemon Meringue Tart

There are many people coming here, and I can taste a variety of different types of food, including salad, Italian noodles, beef, pig, chicken, seafood, and plenty! GonnaEat is a Mediterranean-style light cuisine, which is a healthy way to eat, without excessive seasoning or cooking, in order to get the most original nutrients.

➤Garlic oil,Parmesan & Wild Mushroom 
➤Sousvide Roasted Natural-fed Beef
➤ Chicken Provencal 
➤Sousvide Roasted Natural-fed pork shoulder
➤ The Farmhouse
➤ Charbroiled Chicken Caesar 
➤Black Pasta,with shrimp and mussel 
➤Rosemary Garlic Bread
➤Lemon Meringue Tart 

These points are not mine-like, rich in taste, not too heavy, just right, do not feel a lot of physical burden. However, if you want to sit quietly and read a book or office, it is not so suitable. According to the feeling of the day, it will be more lively and noisy.


Mediterranean cuisine is the most healthy way to eat. It is natural, fresh and delicious. It is characterized by more cold and fried and less fried. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, beans, nuts, grains, fish, olive oil and a small amount of meat and dairy products. The intake of healthy fat is the key, that is, olive oil or nuts with unsaturated fat. It has been determined to effectively reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and reduce the incidence of cognitive dysfunction.


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