How do I request a Google AdSense address verification PIN? How long does it take?

When I applied for Google AdSense and started placing ads on the web, was that over? Can I claim my advertising costs? This may sound easy. In fact, this is just the beginning, without following some steps, if you do not meet certain conditions, you cannot receive advertising costs, you can only see it.

The most important thing is that Google must verify the address to confirm whether this account is the one you are using and receiving, and whether it is a process of yourself. Only after the verification address is passed, subsequent payments can be paid to you after meeting the minimum requirements.

After your income reaches the verification threshold, Google AdSense will automatically notify you that you need to verify your address, and they will send a personal identification number to the address you filled in.

My experience is that after receiving US $ 10, I receive this verification notice. After that, I just need to wait for 2-4 weeks to receive the letter. The above reminder is not to send a letter on the day of the notification, but to send it a few days after the notification. The time of receipt will vary from country to country.

The first time I received the notification was on 12/22/2019, and by 2020/01/22, I had not received the letter. It will be very nervous at this time, is there any problem, where does the letter go? Will it be lost? At least I have this feeling, so I started to check the information online, but this is not a correct answer, some people can receive it smoothly in 2-4 weeks, some people may wait 2-3 months Just received, it is a very amazing letter!

It doesn't matter if the first verification letter is not received or it has not been received yet. After about one month, you can go up and apply for re-sending the PIN. The codes will be the same, so there is no need to get confused about what to do with two different PIN codes.

There are two chances to resend the PIN, plus the first automatic sending, which means that there will be three opportunities to receive the letter in total. If you have not received it, you must contact Google AdSense directly. It seems that there will be other Way to remedy.

I was lucky, because I did n’t encounter the verification code letter, so I had no experience to share.

When you start to verify the address, pay attention to the time. You cannot enter the verification code for more than four months, otherwise the advertisement displayed on the webpage will be stopped.

But my situation is also funny, why do you say that? In fact, I have re-applied to send a PIN. On the day of 2020/02/05, the Google AdSense notice will also remind you that if you have n’t received it for a month, you can apply again. I will apply again in 3 weeks. As a result, I received the verification code the next day when I applied for a replacement verification code, hahaha.

This one is a thin one sent from Malaysia, but it is very important for applicants for GoogleAdSense. After the address is verified, it means that you can receive advertising funds in the future.

After opening, it will show you the steps, how to enter the verification code, and the six-digit verification code, each person's verification code is different, and they are all one-time use, so do not enter the verification code on the picture, there is no use.

Enter the verification code to complete the job, I hope everyone can successfully receive their own verification address PIN code!


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