World of Warcraft-the legend of online games, it is a kind of youthful memories and friendship.

Heaven and Dragon is the first online game I came into contact with, but I didn’t have too much time to play. I almost gave up at the beginning. It was mainly because I was banned from playing games at that time. Whether it’s middle school or high school, I can only listen to which game is famous or It’s fun, and it’s boring to think about it. I lost the common language with my friends. Later, I was more interested in stand-alone games, and I never played online games. Those who have to recharge the game card, except for the trouble, I think it’s not worth it.

Later, I went to the mainland to study and came across the listing of World of Warcraft. People who have played Warcraft will not be unfamiliar. Almost everyone was looking forward to its listing at the time and started playing it when they wanted to open a server. At the time, they were still playing with Taiwanese classmates. The classmates went to the Internet cafe together. All of them sat in a row to register and log in. Then they went to the Xinshou Village to fight and upgrade together. 

Then they didn’t adapt to the game interface and operation, so everyone gave up together. Haha, the design and operating system of World of Warcraft back then, yes An epoch-making product, no game can compare with it. You can't imagine the characters can jump up, run and jump, mount and fly to the sky.

Later, when I entered university, our dormitories are all students from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau and other countries, as well as some special mainland students. So the environment is relatively good, independent suites, but these are not the most important, the most important is The internet is connected to the school's special line, and the speed is flying fast. All the friends in the first semester have installed computers, on the one hand for schoolwork, and of course for fun.

However, I have to declare that when installing the computer, I did not consider the game at all. After a while, one of the classmates who usually played World of Warcraft encouraged us to play together. Of course, we all refused at the beginning. Yes, I was not particularly interested. I didn't jump in to play World of Warcraft one by one until I played the classmate friendship card. I was the second to last player, and it was almost the number of people who played with me.

Later, everyone was at the highest level. They started to play equipment and went into the dungeon. At that time, it was officially started. Everyone started the voice software. In addition to playing games, it was Hala chat. Even dinner appointments and activities can be made through voice. The software was completed while playing the game, and then promoted to be friends who joined friends, or friends they used to play together, and met a group of friends who played World of Warcraft.

Except for a few of our classmates who are together, others are scattered all over the place, with different careers and different lives. Everyone also understands each other through games and also shares their lives. Finally, when they become familiar, there are netizens gathering, in real life Among them, meeting with netizens is really a very strange feeling. Playing games together on the Internet seems to be a very familiar person. In fact, I have never met. When I first met, I couldn’t let go and I was very restrained. We will talk about games later. Then it became lively again, very strange friendship.

But after everyone got familiar with it, the game is not all, equipment or level is not the most important. In addition to polite equipment, chat to pass the time, the game is not so important. Sometimes everyone goes online to see if someone is there. After a few words, I went offline to do my own thing. Even after I graduated from university, I still kept in touch intermittently.

World of Warcraft is a game, and it is also an existence that will not play other online games after playing it. It will feel inferior to World of Warcraft, whether it is game operation or interface, or its world view, and it also bears witness For friendship and youth, it brings joy and fun when remembering the past. Regardless of the real emotions, at least at a certain stage it is a way to relieve stress and escape from the unpleasantness of reality. Among different things, it can also make People are linked together, this is how it will be a legend.


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