Food in Xinbei Shi Ding,Ye Yan restaurant-A seafood restaurant hidden in the forest?

One time I chose to go to Shiding with my family, and opened Google search to search Shiding food. To be honest, there are not too many, some are too far away from our destination, I originally wanted to find a place to eat. I don’t want to make the meal too complicated, just eat something simple and casual. Huh~~~ Wild Banquet Canteen? It seems very mysterious. It seems very special to eat seafood...Still in the mountain? ? real or fake
With a strong curiosity and spirit of adventure, I didn’t go to eat and see what the past was. What kind of restaurant can attract people to eat in the mountains, or the mountains that are a long distance from the sea, selling seafood. .

We arrived earlier, so there are places without an appointment. If you want to explore on the weekend, you should make an appointment early! Don't think that there will always be a place.

Because not long after we sat down, basically the restaurant was full of people, and many people called to make an appointment, otherwise the regular customers and the boss were very familiar with it.

The menu on the wall changes a little every day. It depends on what seafood or dishes the boss brings back to the market. Different changes will be made. This time you may see different dishes from the next time. Only the yellow label is Fixed dishes.

In some respects, it can be considered as no-menu cooking. It is recommended that you bring a little more money, or just ask in advance. Hearing the conversation between the boss and regular customers, it seems that they are all used to it.

Several large incubators contain the fresh seafood that the boss bought that day. They are different in different seasons. They know this best. You can ask them to introduce or match the dishes.

Very interesting cold dish. It tastes crunchy and sweet with a hint of plum flavor. We also guessed a few possibilities for ourselves. I remember that at the end the clerk said it was pumpkin. Anyway, I didn't expect it to be made into cold dishes. It tasted good.

Cold udon noodles, a small bowl, I finished eating without paying attention to a few bites. Next to it is wasabi, which is not a kind of chemical mustard. It will not choke the mouth. The udon is cooked just right, not soft and chewy. , Attached to the sauce, eating a bowl in summer is very cool and enjoyable, but don't know the price.

Everyone knows that the stinky tofu in Shenkeng is very famous, but in fact, Shiding’s tofu will not lose to Shenkeng. In fact, some people think that Shiding’s is better than Shenkeng. This pan-fried black tofu is an example of this. The outside is crispy and the inside is tender. It has the aroma of tofu, but everyone is rushing to eat it to supplement protein.

One-quarter of the fish, don’t ask me what fish it is, I only know that its fish is delicious, very fresh without any fishy smell, and the fish’s sweetness and tenderness.

The yam chicken soup pot, with clams in it, looks very ordinary, but it tastes rich and umami, and without over-seasoning, it seems to release the sweetness of the original ingredients.

I have to admit one thing, the food here is okay, the seafood is quite fresh, the other ingredients are also good, the cooking techniques and seasoning are of standard, and you need to go outside to pick seafood and come back for cooking every day. To be honest, this spirit is quite impressive Admire it, don't look at this place in the mountainous area of Shiding, not very far from Shiding Old Street, but it is still in the mountains.

When you see the cars parked in the parking lot, almost most of them are well-known brand cars. It means that the people who come here are unusual, so here will let them choose to drive a long distance to eat here, which is also an unusual restaurant .

On the one hand, the environment here is also good, it won't be disturbed by too many people, and it's a bit like private cooking, either with people close to the family for dinner, or with good partners.

It’s no problem to come here and follow Google Maps. You can also see the signboard of the wild banquet canteen on the road. You don’t have to wonder if you went to the mountain to find a restaurant by mistake, and it’s not that deep.

Ye Yan restaurant
Phone: +886226634276


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