Travel in New Taipei Attractions,Shenkeng Old Street-Think of Shenkeng is thinking of Shenkeng Tofu!


How to judge whether you have reached Shenkeng Old Street, the first is to see the street where many people are walking inside, and the second is this big tree, which is completely a sign. If you can't find the beginning of Shenkeng Old Street, look for this big tree , The gathering place for friends can also be this big tree, it is also this big tree if you want to take a break when you are tired.
It is a multi-functional tree, but it also has shortcomings. When there are many people, you can’t find a place to rest. In addition, most people buy snacks. The surrounding area will become very messy and dirty, garbage or food. The leftover sauce is everywhere, which is very annoying.

Coming in from Dashu is a famous store in line, Jindading skewers and grilled fragrant tofu. This will cause a phenomenon. Except for the crowd, everyone will be curious about what food is and crowded in the street in front, but it is a good publicity for the store.

Shenkeng Old Street has existed for a long time, and it is an old street very close to Taipei. Usually it can be reached for 30-40 minutes without traffic jams. In fact, it is very convenient for a half-day tour, but the holidays are really overcrowded. .

The streets are very tidy and clean, and the buildings look like old streets. Basically, many old streets in Taiwan are somewhat similar. As a result, what everyone cares about is specialty food or specialty products.

Wang Shuicheng: The restaurant that specializes in tofu is a well-known restaurant in Shenkeng. Basically, people who come to Shenkeng Old Street have eaten at least once. The reputation has already been established. It is in the area of Shenkeng to eat tofu.

There are still other shops nearby that you can try, but this is also a shortcoming of the old street. I actually want to try others, but the next time I will come, it will be a long time later. (At least I am!)

Halfway to Shenkeng Old Street, there are many people queuing at this Miaokou stone stinky tofu, and it smells quite fragrant.

In fact, I am very disgusted with the appearance of motorcycles in the old streets. Even though they may live here or drive in without going too long, it is still dangerous, especially when there are so many pedestrians on the road.

You should wait until the old street is resting.

What is the taste of tofu ice cream? How does it feel to eat? Hmm~ If you don’t have the courage to try, let the brave go to do it! The main reason is that I can't imagine the taste.

I have half a day of free time temporarily and I don’t know where to go in Taipei. You can come to Shenkeng Old Street and eat some tofu along with other local delicacies or specialties. I heard that Shenkeng has four treasures: tofu and tea. , Bamboo shoots, black pork, don’t forget to look for it!

Shenkeng Old Street


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