Unboxing|Next Door Fresh vegetable box-buy ingredients online, buy today and arrive tomorrow, logistics speed is very important.


Since Taiwan has increased its alert status due to the epidemic, Taipei has a relatively large number of local and foreign populations. In particular, many people work in Taipei. The accommodation may be in New Taipei City or Taoyuan. You can only try to avoid going out and staying at home. This time A lot of agricultural products are originally delivered from the central and southern regions, so there will be a period of time when the express delivery is too busy. The express delivery in the north is not delivered. The supermarkets and stores in Taipei are controlled by ID cards. In fact, it is a bit inconvenient for us. Because it is an even number, it means that you cannot go shopping for two consecutive days on Sunday and Monday.

In addition, it is very unfortunate that someone was diagnosed in the nearby traditional vegetable market. Even after the disinfection, everyone was still nervous. The most important thing was that some elders who were not afraid of all crowded together to buy vegetables. The traditional vegetable market started. At that time, they were still crowded with people, and they were all reported in the news. It was really exaggerated. Although they had to be considerate of their inability to shop online, it would be a bit too much to pack the masks together without wearing them well.

At this time, buying vegetables and fresh food online is an inevitable and very important measure. In the past, people might still worry about the quality of delivery. They couldn’t choose by themselves or saw it with their own eyes. They were always worried. This is also what some elders like to go to the market. One of the reasons for this is that you have to deduct logistics factors, and you must be able to determine when it will be delivered to the store. Otherwise, when you order vegetables or any ingredients, you cannot determine the arrival time, which is very troublesome and troublesome. In this way, it is better to take a risk to go to the supermarket, after all, fresh ingredients are immediacy and timeliness.

Under the comprehensive factors, I selected the Next Door Fresh. In addition to buying it today and tomorrow, it also allows you to choose the ingredients in the vegetable box, instead of the vegetable box that uses the same ingredients like other stores. You can't make selections at all. It’s much more convenient to replace it with Next Door Fresh. In addition to the non-delivery on Mondays, it can be delivered home from Tuesday to Sunday. It is a very convenient choice, although the price of some vegetables may be slightly higher. .

In addition, its packaging is better to ensure that the integrity of the ingredients will not be damaged too much. In fact, I ordered another vegetable box before ordering the Next Door Fresh food. I feel that it is not cost-effective or the packaging of the ingredients. It was great. When I got it, I was a little bit crushed and damaged, so I only ordered the Next Door Fresh vegetable box.

Now it has more and more options. Previously, it was mainly based on vegetables, plus some tofu, eggs, milk or frozen food. There are not too many options that can be purchased. Now there are also fruits or seafood added. Kind of, the refrigerated food will be separated from the ingredients. When the delivery arrives, they will not be delivered upstairs, but will only be placed in the downstairs gate. This is also to reduce contact. This is understandable!


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