US Boston MBTA subway traffic map? Rely on it to survive.

Boston MBTA subway traffic map

This is a Boston subway map with history and memories. There are traces of notes and circles on it. I forgot whether I got it from the Kings Boston Language School or somewhere else. No one helped me mark it. I remember, the Waban station circled above was the homestay location at the beginning, and Chestnut Hill was the location of the Kings Boston Language School (they are now moving to the Arlington station near the Public Garden in the downtown area).

In addition, the large circle on the far right is the downtown area of ​​Boston. Whether you want to go shopping for leisure and entertainment, you can basically go to this area to complete it. There is also the Boston Public Library-Central Library (Copley station) for reading or To visit, you can also walk to Newbury street for shopping (this street is the Boston shopping street and the most expensive street with many luxury brands), or you can go to Boston Public Garden for a picnic and chat (Arlington station, Boylston Street station, Park Street station three Stations can be reached, depending on the area you want to go).

Basically, as long as you understand this subway map and understand the surrounding attractions, you can say that you have mastered the subway traffic in downtown Boston. The main activities are actually the green and red lines. You can also transfer to the subway to Boston Logan Airport. If you want to take a bus, you can take the red line to South Station, and you can take a bus to places like New York.

The mobile APP was not as convenient as it is now, so I took a picture and saved it in my mobile phone. You can see which direction and subway station to get off when you go out. Generally, few people will remember all the stations, even locals will forget, but Fortunately, I was at the end of the Green D line of the Boston Metro, so I took the subway more often in the direction of the city. For example, in a language school in the city, there was almost no chance to go outside. The activity area was concentrated in the city. There are many districts, and most of them can be reached on foot. There is no special need to take the subway. In addition, the area under the red line has basically never been visited, and the locals have also suggested not to go in that direction. Relatively speaking, it is a messy place. It's not clear if there is no change.


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