Travel|Maokong,Wenshan District|Zhangshu Trail

I don’t remember when I went to Maokong last time. My previous impression of Maokong was drinking tea. It was either an old man’s activity or a couple going on a date. And I just went to eat. I have never visited other nearby attractions or watched the scenery. Are most people like me? It's like this is the first time I have seen this camphor tree trail, but I heard that there is a sea of Lubing flowers to watch from February to March. Usually, it is like a bare piece of farmland.

When you step down the trail, you can see an open hinterland and a terraced farmland. In the past, there should have been cows in the farmland. You can see cow-shaped objects in several places.

This short walk is actually not long at all, unless you want to go to the scenic spots in other directions, it can be regarded as a simple and leisurely small scenic spot. It’s okay to walk around after eating, or to pass the time before the appointment time. The only small place to pay attention to is that a section of the slope is relatively steep, so be careful when walking down.


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