Food|Taipei Yangmingshan|Guanchen Restaurant-Zhuzihu first choice?

Food|Taipei Yangmingshan|Guanchen Restaurant-Zhuzihu first choice?

Guanchen Restaurant in Zhuzihu, Yangmingshan, the memory of it began when my dad started driving. I didn’t know how he knew about this restaurant back then, and how could I still find this restaurant? At that time, the Internet was not as convenient and developed as it is now, and everyone still needs to look at the road with a map. Powerful people can also find the location from the description of the other party. If you put it now, you will get lost without Google Maps and dare to run to the mountains. Look for a restaurant inside.

Even in the mountains like this, there are really a group of people who can find it. It is really impossible to resist the power of food. These restaurants used to be called Tujicheng, because they will have a traditional Taiwanese dish of white chicken, and other chicken dishes. . The chickens from these local chicken towns were the freshest and most nutritious at the time, and they were not produced much. They were obviously different from the chickens eaten on the flat ground in terms of quality. There were also some special mountain dishes that you couldn't eat in the city. This is why everyone would rather drive all the way to the mountains to have a meal!

It seems that even if it is a private house, and then the restaurant opened by a family in their own home, the seats are increasing, until there is really no room to increase the seats. Going to the site without a reservation is to try your luck. Back then, their sweet potato soup and rice noodle soup can be refilled indefinitely, especially in the mountains at Zhuzihu. The temperature will drop at night and it will be very cold in winter. It’s really good to have a bowl of sweet potato soup. It is very comfortable. I still remember that I was scolded by my parents when I drank too much sweet potato soup. What did you come here to eat, haha!

Food|Taipei Yangmingshan|Guanchen Restaurant-Zhuzihu first choice?

Parking here is also a very big problem, there are so few parking spaces. In the early days, it was time for lunch and dinner. Later, maybe because I felt too tired and afraid of affecting the neighbors nearby, I changed it to lunch only. This makes many people hate it. After all, it's really not easy to eat at noon on weekdays, but there are too many people on weekends. It seems that I haven't eaten since I changed the time. I couldn't find the right time. Even when I went to Zhuzihu, I could only see its closed door. I sighed and left!

They have many types of chicken soup and rib soup, almost every one of them has been tried, the taste is good at a certain level, and additional soup can be added. Salt crisp prawns, bamboo shoots, white sliced chicken, fried burdock or fried sweet potatoes, with a few stir-fried seasonal vegetables, it is very enjoyable, even to the extent that you can't finish it and you have to take it home. Not recommended for everyone! (laugh)

Guanchen Restaurant

Address: No. 67, Zhuzihu Road, Beitou District, Taipei City 112

Phone: +886228626408


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