Taipei Attractions | Treasure Hill Artist Village-the combination of the past and the future

Treasure Hill Artist Village is a very special place. There is Xindian River in front and Fuhe Bridge and Shuiyuan Expressway crossing next to it. If you don’t walk along the path of the parking lot, you don’t know that there is a settlement hidden here. There is a Treasure Hill Temple, a municipal historic site, and the illegal buildings next to it form the community landscape. I don’t know much about the historical causes, but the environment here seems familiar. There is a similar community in the Roosevelt Road alley nearby, where some early veterans lived, also called military villages.

The disappearance of these communities also represents the past of an era. Treasure Hill is the only cultural coexistence that has been transformed into an art village, preserving the past and adding some modern ideas, culture and art. There are still a small number of residents in it. These residents should have lived for a long time when they are older, and they are reluctant to leave here. The new artists did not destroy the remaining appearance, but coexisted or even combined with it.

You will enter the village after passing through the Shiding Historic Site Treasure Hill Temple. Perhaps this temple is their greatest protection!

Once an uncle rented a house in Taipei in a similar village, with small streets and crowded buildings, and houses were built along the terrain. It is not so convenient even for motorcycles to come in, let alone carry them with bare hands when purchasing daily necessities. But it has a special breath of life. The surrounding residents are all familiar with each other. When they meet each other, they will greet each other and chat, and they will also help each other. It's a sight you can't see now!

The scenery separated by a wall is modern and developed and old in the past!

In addition to artists creating designs and exhibitions here, there are also some small cultural and creative shops, where you can see some products that you can't see outside, which are much better than some products with cultural and creative names but not too many features. Opening a door has the freshness of discovering new things, but it doesn't feel very obtrusive.

It is quite worthwhile to spend an afternoon in Treasure Hill Artist Village. It is like entering another small world. In addition to the small number of people, you can feel this settlement better. Peace is the label that fits here. Stay out of the noisy world and don't bring it here. After shopping here, you can also go to the nearby Gongguan Night Market and shopping district.

Treasure Hill Artist Village

Address: No. 2, Alley 14, Lane 230, Section 3, Tingzhou Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City,100 (MRT Gongguan Station Exit 1)

Phone: +886223645313


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