It turns out that not everyone is suitable for wearing contact lenses!

It is really not recommended to wear contact lenses when you are too young. The eyes will always change a little before the adult is stable. Wearing them for too long will also put a greater burden on the eyes. Even though the students will feel that wearing glasses is less handsome, they will be regarded as four eyes. frog. I think I was short-sighted when I was found in junior high school. My family took me to do a detailed examination and wear glasses. At that time, the glasses were not as gorgeous as they are now. At the beginning, they were repelled to wear glasses. One aspect was that I was afraid of being caught in school. The classmates laughed, and dragged them to high school.

Myopia is not deep, so I can barely see the blackboard in front, but flash is a big problem. My eyes are uncomfortable when I wear lenses that contain flash. I have always used power to compensate for the power of the flash. This is also a way out of nowhere. At that time, some female classmates began to wear contact lenses. To be honest, I was a little envious after watching them for a while. I secretly wanted to buy contact lenses to wear them, otherwise playing basketball and other sports would still be very difficult. Inconvenient, and you lose every time you play pool.

Adhering to the spirit of experimentation, it was definitely not to imitate classmates to be cool and handsome, so I bought a set of contact lenses, cleansing liquid and saline solution, only to find that it was really troublesome. If you don't use daily disposable contact lenses, you should wash and soak them every night, and spend time to put them on during the day. Failure to clean them may cause infection. It may not be suitable to buy the prescription directly with flash. The price of long-term contact lenses is not cheap, and maintenance is even more important.

Wearing contact lenses needs to adapt at the beginning, especially if you hold them to open your eyelids and not close your eyes, you will always feel that there is something more when you put them in. After all, it is a foreign object that needs time to adapt to its existence. I don’t know if I don’t wear it, I realized that it’s completely different from what I imagined. The eyes are also prone to dryness and need artificial tears to moisturize. Wearing it for a few hours a day can't stand it, but the eyes are more uncomfortable, and eventually give up wearing contact lenses and return to wearing glasses.

Fortunately, there is a throwaway type that can be used as a test. Otherwise, a lot of money will be wasted. Once I wore contact lenses and forgot to take them off and ran to sleep. The next day I felt very uncomfortable. I was surprised that some products may not be suitable for everyone. Some people don't feel it how to wear them. They can operate with one hand without any discomfort. But it is best to consult experts before making a choice. Don't make a choice on your own terms, because you may harm your health if you are not careful.


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