Where is your spending power? Life is not about comparing with others!

There's one thing I've never been able to figure out. Normally, how much money is spent is a very reasonable thing. How to use money correctly within your ability is a homework that needs to be learned. Whether by bookkeeping or any other way. The ratio of income to expenditure should be understood. There are also temporary funds and reserves. This is how you can prevent emergencies from happening!

It is true that nothing is absolute, and everyone has their own ideas about the concept of money. Some parts are understandable. But it's a little weird to overdraw or overspend yourself. And the pursued item is not a necessity, there are even other substitutes. And for the sake of vanity or comparison, and to see others have them, I also want them. Is there any problem? This is a behavioral pattern that I have been unable to understand.

A female friend I know, married to Taiwan before and got an ID card. After the divorce, he still lives in Taiwan, living and working by himself. I live in a suite in a very convenient area, and the rent is about NT$10,000. I will change jobs every once in a while, and the reason is unknown and I didn't specifically ask. Then I use the new Apple iphone and Apple watch, and then I have to choose what to eat. So I kept saying that the money was not enough, and I was curious to ask why it was not enough. After asking, I was very suspicious of where the problem was, because the other party was not controlling the cost at all. I want everything, and I want to enjoy it very much, saying that the work is very hard. It’s true that it’s hard work, but you also need to spend wisely!

In addition, I recently heard that I also bought a Dyson vacuum cleaner. wow! Is there something wrong with my values? If the other party has a high salary, or makes a lot of money, then of course there is nothing to say. The problem is that a salary may be around NT$30,000. Can spending power really be that high? No wonder every day you will be called poor and no money! I have persuaded the other party many times not to spend excessively. Whether it is food or other items, it is not necessary to use the best. Talk about real issues. Even if you buy the best phone and watch, what function do you use it for? Is there a complete one that uses it? The same is true for other things, which are wanted and not necessary. It's better to invest that money in yourself, maybe you can make more money in the future. Wouldn't it be good to spend again then?

It should be based on the individual's ability to make a personal plan. In fact, everyone's needs in life are food, clothing, housing, and transportation, and everything else is external. It will not affect your life. When you start using these things to compare or compare with people, you take a very strange path.


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