Is your driver's license manual or automatic?

The car driver's license is divided into manual and automatic, and a manual driver's license can drive an automatic car. A self-drive license can only drive a self-drive car. In the past, boys would be laughed to death if they didn't take a manual driver's license, and they were proud of having a manual driver's license. Boys also have the fantasy and romance of driving a manual car, and feel that driving a manual car is the fun of driving. However, as the commercial cars are dominated by self-discharge, the manual car has become a rare commodity. If you want to drive, you may not be able to buy a car, and you may need to spend more time and money.

The price of learning self-platoon is cheaper than manual platoon, and later most people are too lazy to learn manual platoon. However, there are still many advantages to having a manual driver's license, and you will have more options for renting a car. To be honest, there is really no difficulty in learning self-plating. Whether it is starting uphill or accelerating in a straight line, there is no possibility of error. As long as you can control the accelerator and brakes. However, I am very envious of those people who are learning self-discharge cars in the driving training class. There is really a lot of knowledge to learn and understand in manual platoon, and you also need to memorize the steps of the exam. I believe the stress level of the test is several times that of a driver's license. It is easy to make mistakes if you are not careful.

In fact, I almost never drove a manual car after taking the manual driver's license test. It was not until more than ten years later that I encountered a manual car in a foreign country, and it almost took my life to drive for half an hour. It's not that the gear shift was not smooth in the middle, or it was stalling when starting in place. The worst part is not going up the small slope, which is very embarrassing. At that time, my head kept reminiscing about how I started uphill in the driving training class, and then I made a sudden operation. The consequence is that the more nervous it is, the easier it is to turn off the flame, dumbfounded!

The habit of modern people is that the more convenient the better. Self-arrangement is in line with the current trend, and some benefits of manual rowing cannot be compared with convenience. More and more people are only taking self-discharge driver's licenses, and they may not use self-discharge driver's licenses at all. After all, the maturity of autonomous driving is getting higher and higher, and driving in a car is actually much easier than driving. Don't be too surprised to see that boys only have self-driving licenses. Even if you have a manual driver's license, don't be too happy, it may not be able to drive when you really want to drive.


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