Rejection is an art, learn to reject others.

In fact, sometimes I don't know how to reject others. Especially face-to-face is more difficult, do you feel the same way? On the contrary, it is easy to refuse when talking on the phone or sending a message. But no one ever taught you how to say no. Schools don't teach, and parents don't necessarily teach. Is it because your parents are afraid that you keep rejecting them after you teach them? Shouldn't be the reason! That would be hilarious.

Rejection does not cover a very narrow scope, not simply because you don't like it. It's about knowing how to say no if you can protect yourself. To protect yourself from harm or damage in any way. For example, one day a friend asks you to help as a guarantor, no matter how good a friend is, you should not agree. Unless you are capable of carrying the possible burden later, you are causing trouble for yourself. If you have the ability to get the money back, why go to be a guarantor for others? It's not good to borrow money directly, the problem is that you can't borrow money either. So don't make trouble for yourself!

Also, don't force yourself to accept things you don't like. For example, when a group of friends go to dinner, it is time to order dishes from the menu. Don't say anything, it's okay, but in the end, I don't eat that one. You might as well express your opinions and ideas from the very beginning. It will not cause unhappiness between yourself and others. Sometimes not rejecting will lead to more misunderstandings and mistakes. Because people don't know what you really think, even if you ask, you won't get the right answer. Over time, it is a vicious circle of development!

If you really don't know how to refuse, you have to learn to transfer in a gentle way. Out of the face-to-face distance, you may be able to deal with it easily later. Otherwise, the problem will be left to another person, such as family. Let another person who knows more about processing help! Don't worry about it yourself, you didn't do anything wrong. Even if you refuse, you have done nothing wrong, and you don't have to feel uneasy or accumulate psychological pressure because of rejection.

The beginning is always difficult, but when you take the first step of rejection. Gradually, you will become familiar with the feeling of rejection, and you should say no when you understand it. You are not a YES MAN!


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