Eastern Canada Road Trip | National War Memorial,Ottawa


Eastern Canada Road Trip | National War Memorial,Ottawa

Walk from ByWard Market to Parliament Hill in Ottawa. On the right you will pass Rideau Canal, Locks 1 - 8 - Ottawa, but before the Rideau Canal. In fact, there is a large building in the front left, which will attract attention first. That is the National War Memorial, in fact, it is very unfamiliar to us and do not understand its meaning. I didn't take it too seriously at first, so I took pictures and left a record. It was only after the fact that I went online to find out what the monument was for!

From a certain angle, it is fortunate that I have photographed it, otherwise I will soon forget it. Not to mention thinking about this monument later and going online to find out what it is. Because our itinerary attractions are arranged in advance, they are the most worthwhile attractions recommended by friends. In 2012, it was not as convenient as it is now, and there was no way to search for information while walking. Going more and seeing more is equivalent to the concept of earning more.

I just had an idea that such a big statue should be quite meaningful. Its significance is really quite big, especially for Canadians, this memorial commemorates Canadians who died in past wars. From the First World War, the Second World War, the Korean War, the Second Boer War, the Afghanistan War. All I can say is I hope the war doesn't happen again! I would rather not have this kind of monument, when will the peace of mankind really come.

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The National War Memorial (French: Monument commémoratif de guerre du Canada), titled The Response (French: La Réponse), is a tall, granite memorial arch with accreted bronze sculptures in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, designed by Vernon March and first dedicated by King George VI in 1939. Originally built to commemorate the Canadians who died in the First World War, it was in 1982 rededicated to also include those killed in the Second World War and Korean War and again in 2014 to add the dead from the Second Boer War and War in Afghanistan, as well as all Canadians killed in all conflicts past and future. It now serves as the pre-eminent war memorial of 76 cenotaphs in Canada.In 2000, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier was added in front of the memorial and symbolizes the sacrifices made by all Canadians who have died or may yet die for their country.

The National War Memorial
Address: Wellington St, Ottawa, ON K1P 5A4 Canada


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