Homemade Dried Radishes | As Long As Sufficient Sunlight And Patience


It is not difficult to make dried radish by yourself, but the difficulty lies in the climate. In the urban area, you basically don't need to do it yourself, especially the rainy days are more frequent than in the past. In addition, the air quality is really not very good, and even if it is done, it may not be clean and hygienic. At least I dare not eat it! I imagined that I saw dried radishes drying outside in the alleys of Taipei before, and I felt something strange. Although it is mainly made with salt and sunlight. But in fact, there are so many vehicles passing by on the road outside, and the air quality is like this. Is it really safe to eat it? Personally, I have a lot of doubts~

So when I went back to the countryside in Miaoli, I was very excited to see the dried radish at home. Dried radish can be made in a few days as long as it is exposed to strong sunlight. And there is not much pollution around here, of course, there is no way to avoid it with the airflow. Most of the farmland here is relatively safe. Then there is no shelter, and you may suffer from heat stroke if you stand directly outdoors. That is to say, under this kind of environment and conditions, making dried radish is simpler and easier.

Just be patient enough to wait for it to dry. There is nothing else that will fail, and occasionally remember to turn it over. Evenly exposed to the sun, the water inside is dried. When you get close, you will smell the faint smell of dried radish, and it will feel amazing. That's it! It's done! (In addition to helping water release, salt is also antiseptic and easy to store.)


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