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Is the Nan Cun xiao chi located across from Taipei Xinyi Junior High School the main branch or a franchise? I can't seem to tell. In the early days, Four Four Nan Cun was located inside the school and was a well-known old-style military dependent's village restaurant among the local residents. Later, Four Four Nan Cun was demolished, and they searched for a new location nearby to reopen the restaurant. I remember that they initially opened the restaurant at the current location of Xiao Kai Yue Nan Cun Snack Shop. Later on, they opened this Nan Cun xiao chi across from Taipei Xinyi Junior High School.

These two shops are likely related as family members, but they operate independently. Therefore, the dishes and cuisine are basically the same, with only minor differences depending on the chef's skill. The only advantage of this shop is that it is easy to find parking nearby.

In the past, Nan Cun  was known for its great value for money, but now it's considered a relatively expensive snack shop. The discrepancy between portion size and price makes it less appealing to visit frequently. Additionally, the flavor of the food is slightly different from what it used to be. The dishes from the old Nan Cun  were much more delicious!

To be honest, I think the Taiwan pickled cabbage I make myself tastes even better than theirs!

A plate of braised dishes looks very satisfying, but be prepared for the price. The braising sauce has a relatively mild taste.

Their specialty is noodles, particularly their fried noodles. In the past, one person could easily finish a large portion without any problem. However, nowadays the portion size is not as generous or as flavorful as it used to be, and the taste can be inconsistent. Sometimes the flavor is good, but other times it's disappointing, which is quite sad. Nevertheless, I used to really like the noodles because they had a nice chewy texture.

If it wasn't for my parents wanting to have some vegetables, I wouldn't recommend ordering stir-fried greens. The portion size is really disappointing for the price, and it's not even that well-prepared. Sigh... in the past, we used to come here a few times every year, but gradually we stopped going. There's a reason for that, even though it still seems to attract a lot of customers. The menu hasn't changed much from the past, and it's understandable that they need to adjust their prices. However, they never had much in terms of service, and the taste isn't consistent. It creates an atmosphere that doesn't make me want to go there. I just hope that this once-popular restaurant won't wither away.

Nan Cun Xiao Chi Restaurant


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