Jinan,Shandong - First time Backpacker in China, Part One

Jinan, Shandong,First time Backpacker in 2006

In the early days, No one would have thought of doing a backpacker in China.

Even if I'm a young man who had traveled to China earlier, and already stayed in China few years.

To be honest, in that era,when  I really  go for backpacker , I was a bit uneasy.

My dad felt a bit unsafe and asked me to think carefully

When it was then persuaded my family

The main reason they can accept is that in fact, I was looking for a friend in Jinan who was studying at the university and with two friends.

Just let me go, He He.

In the process of arrangement, I originally wanted to sleep on a train sleeper from Hangzhou or Shanghai to Jinan,  there was no high-speed train in that year.

If you take long-distance trains, you have to stay overnight for more than ten hours. The fare impression may be 3-4 hundred RMB.

The idea is simple. It feels like a good experience. It's also very enjoyable.

 Eventually  took the airplane.

On the one hand, my family feels unsafe (baggage,money,passport)

On the other hand, I did not expect a friend to book flights from Jinan, Shanghai, as long as less than 200 RMB? !
(First ride by bus from Hangzhou to Shanghai Hongqiao )

When we arrived to Jinan, it was almost midnight

The first night passed like this. The total of 3 nights stayed in Jinan. Have gone to Taian on the way and returned to Jinan

Food: Simple eating

Northeast people like cooked wheaten food

One of the most impressive things to eat in Jinan is the dumplings.

It's hard to see so many dumplings in other places.and It's big and cheap.

A lot of tastes are not seen or unexpectedly filled with dumplings

Jinan Attractions: (No Search)

 Had two friends were no interest in visiting the sights.they were entirely a type of urban life.
One friend was the same as I thought of walking around.

When I thought about it, I would go there. Friends who are studying in the local area should be more familiar with the environment.Can introduce us where to go to visit attractions

The idea is good, reality is cruel.

That friend had never visited any attraction

In addition to school eating, drinking and recreational activities
Completely utterly ignorant (don't know what to say)

Finally I went to the only impression of Jinan attractions.

Baotu Spring The first spring in the world

There are  a few seals inside

There are also garden layouts like Suzhou, but i'm  not professional. Sorry for the history teacher.

Because this Baotu Spring location is located in the urban area of Jinan, the search is very convenient. Even if no mobile Internet access can be easily found under the Internet map, it can be seen that it is obvious sights.

Baotu Spring Park

Beautiful Baotu Spring Park is located in the centre of Jinan City, and it is here that you will find the Baotu Spring. In the past, the Baotu Spring only covered 4 mu (about two thirds of an acre). The park itself was originally established in 1956 and more recently has been extended to 158 mu (about 26 acres). This highly valued facility represents the symbol of Jinan City and is regarded as one of the three major places of interest in Jinan. This park is highly regarded as a well known scenic spot which makes an ideal location for admirers of wonderful natural springs, culture and various constructions.
Baotu Spring is located in the centre of Baotu Spring Park and is renowned as the best of the 72 springs in Jinan. Since ancient times, many famous poems and prose have been written relating to its unique beauty. According to experts' research, this spring has a history of 3,543 years, dating back to the Shang Dynasty (16th –11th BC). The special geographical structure in Jinan creates the special Baotu Spring. The pool is rectangular in shape, stretching about 30 meters (about 98 feet) west to east and about 18 meters (about 59 feet) north to south. Water pours out from the underground limestone cave throughout the night and day, sometimes reaching its maximum of 240,000 cubic meters per day. When water bursts out from the three outlets, the spring creates thunderous sounds and sprays water jets. Sometimes water columns are created that reach as high as 26.49 meters (about 86.9 feet), making a real spectacle.


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