[One Person Diary] MiaoLi,Taiwan Dahu Winery | Strawberry Culture Museum,Strawberry sausage?

 Dahu Winery | Strawberry Culture Museum

When talking about strawberries in Taiwan, no one should not think of  DaHu Strawberry!

In the season of strawberry production, basically the DaHu is be with crowds of people. There is a large area of strawberry fields nearby.

 Picking and tasting Experience life patterns that are not possible in the city.

It is also a small tour that can be accompanied by family or friends to enhance mutual affection and affection!

And my grandfather's home is not far away . It can be reached within 20 minutes by car.

However, it is so close that when i go back to my grandfather's home , i don’t particularly go

In the end, other family members may have gone.Then i have never been.

Just this time I went back to my my grandfather's home on weekdays and I had time to go  for myself. There is almost no one in DaHu Winery ~~~ Hahaha 

It's fake strawberry but looks like real

Front door

Super big strawberry in front door

Strawberry Culture Museum introduces strawberry history and other knowledge

Amazing strawberry sausage

When we talked about this strawberry sausage, it was very conspicuous. It was also recommend  on the Internet.

I only know  strawberry dessert , don't except it to make a sausage.

Very curious what it is? ? ? 

The feeling after eating was a very mysterious sausage

Why do i say this? It’s actually not so bad, but it’s kind of weird to say it’s delicious.

It's a strawberry flavor, but it's not the kind of scent I like and the light taste of wine.
Unclear taste, taste is sausage



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